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24 March, 2017

Greece's one more desperate attempt to fight the monstrous neoliberal Europe

Tsipras will be defeated one more time, unless he threaten seriously with Grexit

The Greek government is about to make one more attempt to show some resistance against the latest demands of the Troika (IMF, ECB, European Commission). After seven years of orchestrated economic destruction and one open financial coup by the ECB, Greece is experiencing another wave of huge pressure by its creditors to implement the last details of the brutal neoliberal experiment. The last demands concern the complete dissolution of labor rights and privatizing big parts of the Public Power Corporation in the energy sector.

The Greek PM, Alexis Tsipras, is about to make another attempt to resist, by bringing on table the forgotten social values of Europe, especially concerning the labor rights.

As Reuters reports:

EU officials said on Thursday they were hopeful Greece would drop its eleventh-hour objections to a declaration marking the bloc's 60th birthday, sparing it a major embarrassment as it struggles for unity despite the looming departure of Britain. The leaders of the European Union's 27 remaining states will mark the anniversary at a gathering in Rome on Saturday, four days before Britain is due to give formal notice of 'Brexit'.

Greece has threatened not to sign the Rome declaration setting out the bloc's vision of its future. It wants the text to make a clearer commitment to protecting workers' rights - an issue on which it is at loggerheads with international lenders who want it to adopt more reforms in return for new loans.

"The negotiations on the draft Rome Declaration have ended as the text was finalised by the EU27," an EU source said. "Only Greece has a general reservation on the text." The source added the chairman of EU summits, Donald Tusk, had spoken to Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on the matter. "This leaves us relatively confident that it will be possible for Tsipras to sign the Rome Declaration on Saturday."


Another EU diplomat said any attempt by Athens to win leverage on the international debt talks by holding off in Rome should not succeed: "We won't be blackmailed by one member state which is linking one EU issue with a totally different one." The person added that if Greece did not come on board by Saturday, the document - designed to emphasize unity and solidarity - could be adopted in Tusk's name rather than as a joint statement by 27 EU states and Brussels institutions.

Our guess is that Tsipras has no chance against the European puppets of the bankers and the lobbyists. They will impose their agenda no matter what it takes. Top officials of the euro-circus speak openly about a Europe of multiple levels. Meaning: anyone who resists against the neo-Feudal structure of this repulsive Europe, will be excluded. Those hypocrites do not care at all about the European unity and the European values. All they care about is their privileges through their interaction with the banks and the lobbies.

The last sentence from the report above speaks by itself: “if Greece did not come on board by Saturday, the document - designed to emphasize unity and solidarity - could be adopted in Tusk's name rather than as a joint statement by 27 EU states and Brussels institutions.

Therefore, according to the best case scenario, Greece will be simply ignored. According to the worst case, the country will be threatened again with a sudden economic death.

The euro-clowns will force Tsipras to sign whatever they want. The only thing he can do is to fight back by threaten seriously with Grexit. They fear Grexit maybe even more than Brexit, because they have no idea what will happen to their rotten financial empire.

Of course Tsipras will never do it because he believes in euro and because he doesn't seem to have a serious plan for Grexit. But let's hope that we are wrong ...

Γκεζίνε Σβαν: Ο Σόιμπλε ήθελε και θέλει να ρίξει τον ΣΥΡΙΖΑ

Συνέντευξη με αναφορές στην Ελλάδα παραχώρησε στην Τageszeitung η Γκεζίνε Σβαν, ιστορικό στέλεχος του SPD, καθηγήτρια Πολιτικής Θεωρίας στο Ελεύθερο Πανεπιστήμιο του Βερολίνου και σημαίνουσα προσωπικότητα της γερμανικής αριστερής διανόησης. «Πιστεύω ότι ο ελληνικός λαός δεν θα το βάλει κάτω. Η πολιτική της γερμανικής κυβέρνησης ζημίωσε έντονα την Ελλάδα», λέει χαρακτηριστικά ρίχνοντας στη συνέχεια τα βέλη της προς τον υπ. Οικονομικών Βόλφγκανγκ Σόιμπλε.

«Ο Σόιμπλε δεν έχει μια λογική, οικονομική προοπτική για τη χώρα. Αυτό που τον ενδιαφέρει είναι να ανατρέψει τον ΣΥΡΙΖΑ. Αυτό ήθελε πάντα και συνεχίζει να το θέλει. Οι πράξεις του είναι βαθιά ιδεολογικές. Για το λόγο αυτό το φθινόπωρο πρέπει να πετύχουμε μια κυβερνητική αλλαγή στη Γερμανία».

Αναφορικά με το αν βλέπει προσεχώς επανάληψη του καλοκαιριού του 2015, η Γκεζίνε Σβαν λέει σχετικά: «Θεωρητικά, ναι. Αλλά οι φόβοι για τη διάσπαση της ίδιας της Ευρώπης, ιδίως μετά την απόφαση της Μ. Βρετανίας για το Brexit, είναι πλέον μεγαλύτεροι».

Υπό αυτό το πρίσμα η Σβαν εκτιμά ότι η εμμονή του Σόιμπλε σε μια ρητορική περί Grexit δεν έχει να κομίσει τίποτα το θετικό στην όλη συζήτηση. Μάλιστα χαρακτηρίζει τη στάση αυτή ως «παράλογη» από οικονομική άποψη και «αυταρχική» από νομική σκοπιά.

«Πρέπει να τους πιέσουμε», ισχυρίζεται ο Σόιμπλε αλλά η Σβαν εκτιμά ότι με τον τρόπο αυτό δεν πρόκειται να πάρει πίσω η Γερμανία τα χρήματα που δάνεισε στην Ελλάδα.

Άλλωστε όπως σημειώνει «Μέχρι στιγμής δεν έχουμε πληρώσει κάτι στην Ελλάδα, έχουμε απλώς εγγυηθεί» και για το λόγο εκτιμά ότι και ο αρχηγός του SPD Mάρτιν Σουλτς θα πρέπει να πει ευθέως στους γερμανούς πολίτες ότι η γερμανική κυβέρνηση είναι εν τέλει αυτή «που θέτει σε κίνδυνο τα λεφτά των φορολογούμενων» με την πολιτική που ακολουθεί στο ελληνικό ζήτημα.


Venezuelan military finds US army uniforms in paramilitary border camp

Tachira — where the paramilitary camp was discovered — was also the region where the government found a large cache of Venezuelan currency in December.

Venezuela’s Bolivarian National Armed Forces, FANB, dismantled a right-wing paramilitary camp near the Colombian border Tuesday, discovering U.S. army uniforms, among others.

The FANB also discovered stolen Venezuelan military uniforms as well as combat attire belonging to the Colombian military forces.

We are advancing an investigation,” Tachira Governor Jose Gregorio Vielma Mora said at a press conference, according to HispanTV. “We found accounting books with a list of victims of extortion on the site.

Right-wing Colombian paramilitaries are responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Colombians since the 1950s. Usually targeted are campesinos, Indigenous people, Afro-Colombians, human rights activists and those sympathetic to Colombia’s leftist guerrilla movements and Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution.

Tachira — where the paramilitary camp was discovered — was also the region where the FANB found in December a large cache of bolivars, the country’s currency, which was being extracted and hoarded in an effort to sabotage the economy and make huge profits.

The FANB’s paramilitary camp discovery substantiates claims that the U.S. Army is training right-wing paramilitaries to spread terror in the region. It also reaffirms suspicions that U.S.-backed forces are using FANB uniforms for false flag attacks.

On Tuesday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro denounced U.S. plans to work with right-wing politicians in the region to destabilize Venezuela. The socialist leader also condemned attempts by the Organization of American States to suspend the country’s membership.

The U.S. State Department has activated all its ambassadors in the world, particularly in Latin America and the Caribbean, pressing all governments to support a political, diplomatic and global intervention in Venezuela,” Maduro said during a Cabinet meeting, adding that Washington is trying to make Venezuela a “kind of colony” ruled from outside by wealthy U.S. elites, HispanTV reported.

OAS Secretary-General Luis Almagro has been calling for the suspension of Venezuela from the multinational organization over alleged “human rights violations,” asking the body to invoke the Democratic Charter against the South American country. Almagro, a longtime foe of the Bolivarian Revolution, openly works with the country’s right-wing opposition to demand regime change, hosting a press conference with known opposition leaders just this past Monday.


US airstrike kills 33 civilians sheltering at Syrian school

US confirms strikes in 'vicinity,' says no evidence they hit school

US forces were conducting an airdrop of Kurdish fighters around the Syrian town of al-Mansour, near the ISIS capital city of Raqqa, and carrying out heavy airstrikes to cover the drop. Among the airstrikes, one hit a school in the town which was being used to house civilians from the surrounding area displaced by the fighting. At least 33 civilians were killed.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said 33 dead had been recovered from the rubble so far, and that only two survivors had been recovered yet. Raqqa is being slaughtered silently, another NGO, reported the school sheltered around 50 displaced families, which might suggest the toll will continue to rise.

The Pentagon is, as always, evasive about the civilian casualties, confirming that they carried out multiple airstrikes in the immediate vicinity of the incident, but saying that there is “no evidence” that they hit a school in the course of that.

If confirmed, which seems probable, this would be the second US strike causing large civilian casualties in Syria in a week, with the previous attack further west in the village of al-Jineh destroying part of a mosque and killing at least 49 civilians, and according to some reports as many as 75.

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NATO’s war of resources is causing a humanitarian crisis in West Africa

As millions suffer from hunger, disease, illiteracy and grinding poverty in the Lake Chad region of West Africa, a sinister game of resource extraction and exploitation is playing out, with geopolitics at the heart of it all.

by Eric Draitser

Part 2 - The shadowy networks behind Boko Haram

Some of the statistics on the humanitarian situation around Lake Chad are truly appalling.

According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, there are at least 2.1 million internally displaced people in the region, as well as 7.1 million suffering from hunger. One in every two families need life-saving assistance, according to aid workers. Countless thousands have been killed, injured or otherwise terrorized by Boko Haram and other terror groups. The situation is dire.

So when the UN announced that the conference had raised 672 million dollars to help the people of the region, the news was obviously welcome. With such funds come very serious questions about how the funds will be distributed and who should be responsible for overseeing the distribution process. But determining the real causes of the crisis is perhaps the real million-dollar question.

First and foremost is the question of Boko Haram, its murky origins in Nigerian political conflicts and the ramifications of its actions in the region. While definitive knowledge of the group’s sponsorship remains elusive, there is ample circumstantial evidence to suggest that elements within Nigeria’s government (and potentially other regional governments) have been sponsoring the group from its infancy.

Renowned hostage negotiator and Boko Haram intermediary Dr. Stephen Davis has gone on record as saying that high-ranking elements within the administration of former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan were involved, including Ali Modu Sheriff, the former governor of Nigeria’s Borno State (the heart of the Boko Haram insurgency) and one of the country’s top military commanders.

The Jonathan Administration and Nigeria’s military in turn have accused Chad’s government, led by President Idriss Déby, of fueling the unrest for geopolitical and strategic reasons. According to these sources, Déby facilitated the rise of Boko Haram in order to destabilize Nigeria and take advantage of growing energy extraction from the Lake Chad Basin.

While the claim was certainly convenient for a Nigerian government that then was fending off accusations of its own collusion with Boko Haram, it does substantiate a 2011 intelligence memo from field officers in Chad, which noted that “members of Boko Haram sect are sometimes kept in the Abeche region in Chad and trained before being dispersed. This happens usually when Mr. Sheriff visits Abeche.

Though the details remain murky and may never be fully publicized, even a conservative assessment would note that the domestic politics of Nigeria, as well as regional political infighting, facilitated the emergence of Boko Haram. Indeed, as former President Jonathan’s own presidential panel investigating Boko Haram noted:

The report traced the origin of private militias in Borno State in particular, of which Boko Haram is an offshoot, to politicians who set them up in the run-up to the 2003 general elections. The militias were allegedly armed and used extensively as political thugs. After the elections and having achieved their primary purpose, the politicians left the militias to their fate since they could not continue funding and keeping them employed. With no visible means of sustenance, some of the militias gravitated towards religious extremism, the type offered by Mohammed Yusuf [leader of Boko Haram].

From its origins as a collection of gangs used to intimidate people and influence elections to its later development as a cohesive terror organization, Boko Haram has been one of the driving forces of the humanitarian crisis in the region.

Of course, Boko Haram’s rise would have been impossible without the criminal U.S.-NATO war on Libya, which not only toppled the Libyan government, but also led to a tsunami of weapons flowing out of Libya and into the hands of regional terror groups such as al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and the nascent Boko Haram.

In a very direct way, the U.S.-NATO war birthed the violent conflict we see today in the region.

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