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09 August, 2013

"Penitent" speculators met with Samaras

August 8, 2013

20 Wall Street investors met yesterday with the Greek prime minister Antonis Samaras. Among them, some speculators who gambled millions on Greece's bankruptcy! John Paulson, for example, founder of the Paulson & Co., who gambled against euro and on Greece's bankruptcy, was one of them.

 For those who don't know, Paulson became famous by making probably the best "trade", not less significant than George Soros' attack on sterling. Paulson "shorted" on housing credit market in the US and on the US banks. After the 2008 crisis, it has been said that he was one of the first who attacked euro through Greece of course.


Note: Samaras trusts these people to bring investments in Greece! What can I say? Unrepentant politicians!

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