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18 September, 2013

Breaking news: 34 year old antifa dies after being stabbed by neonazis

The MP of the Leftist opposition party SYRIZA, Dimitris Stratoulis, has spoken about raid groups from the Golden Dawn fascists

This incident took place a few days after Golden Dawn members attacked against members of the Greek Communist party in Perama-Athens

Clouds of civil war above Greece

According to exclusive information from the website, the lumpen profile of the murderer of Pavlos Fyssas is typical for members who are recruited from the nazist party Golden Dawn. Son of immigrants to Germany who grew up in Athens, G.Roupakias has been fired two years ago from a private company as he was accused for fraud.

Subsequently he joined Golden Dawn together with his wife and began offering paid services. According to exclusive information of, from neighbors and people with whom he was in contact, Roupakias was paid from the fund of the Golden Dawn to participate in beatings of migrants, mainly around the area of Nikaia and Piraeus. The professional style with which he murdered the unlucky Pavlos Fyssas shows that he had experience in stabbings.

One of the issues that police is called to investigate, is whether he is involved in the attacks from Golden Dawn members against Greek Communist party members in Perama last week. In any case, the fact that the perpetrators of the attack in Perama were left undisturbed, seems that emboldened members of the Golden Dawn, who felt that they can act without consequences. Roupakias had the same impression during previous attacks in which he participated.

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The raid groups of the Golden Dawn in Nikaia and the targeting of Pavlos Fyssas:

After revealing pictures and videos that connect Golden Dawn with the perpetrator of the murder of Pavlos Fyssas, Georgios Roupakias, beyond doubt, new evidence appear to come to light. According to the latest reports, the 45 year old murderer had more than one call before going to the point of murder with more concrete evidence expected on Monday. At the same time, the "Ethnos" newspaper publishes an interview of a former member of the Golden Dawn, which reports, among other things, names and evidence about the way the raid groups of the Golden Dawn act in Nikaia, while supports that they had targeted Pavlos Fyssas because he was writting anti-fascist songs.

The former member of the Golden Dawn, according to "Ethnos", states that the murderer of Pavlos Fyssas was second in command in the group and that the 34-year old had been targeted because of his anti-fascist action . In the interview published by the newspaper, said that the raid group of the Golden Dawn in Nikaia operates under the guidance of George Patelis and under the supervision of the Golden Dawn MP Ioannis Lagos.

The ex-member claims that "G.Patelis was telling us that we must get the OK from Lagos who then was informing the chief. If the chief was giving the OK, we were out in the streets. Whether to write slogans, or to attack Pakistanis, Patelis and Lagos had to be informed first".

According to him, the group raid of Nikaia has the hierarchy, structure and organization of a paramilitary criminal organization. As he says, the base-headquarters are the offices [of Golden Dawn], from where they are given orders for attacks against immigrants and other actions. Weapons are kept there, which disappear when police is about to make control.

The former member of the Golden Dawn also supports that, the controls of the police are "staged" as a policeman in the police department of Nikaia supports Golden Dawn and gives information to the core of the organization, while he undertakes to "clean" those who are being caught.

According to the latest information, George Roupakias received more than one call before going to the point of murder, including a call from the chief of the local organization of the Golden Dawn. On Monday, there will be more specific data, after processing of telephone data. However, the police reportedly already identified the most telephone numbers.

It is now clear that the perpetrator was contacted by phone to go at the place where the 34-year old and his friends were at that moment. Besides, this has been testified by his wife, which says that her husband was watching football at home when he received a phone call and rushed to leave.

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