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22 September, 2013

New evidence for the action of the Golden Dawn nazis in Greece after the political assassination of Pavlos Fyssas

Greece in a dangerous path. New facts give the picture of paramilitary organization for GD.

Research for the connection of the Greek military forces with Golden Dawn:

Investigations over illegal actions of the Golden Dawn by the authorities are expected to be expanded to the Armed Forces, but also in their "surrounding environment". What is expected to come to light, leading inevitably towards this direction, are continued revelations from many former executives who left the organization for various reasons, and who are now prepared to speak. Golden Dawn has had its own "splits" and "conflicts" throughout its history, and the result is that there are many who wish to break the "cycle of silence."

One of those former executives, spoke for the "Vima" newspaper, about the training in arms "by soldiers from the Special Forces that support our structures. Our training is not just what people know. We take special training even in weapons in areas of Rafina, Parnitha, Fyli, Porto Germeno, Mani, central Evia and elsewhere. Our main concern is to hide effectively some weapons, even in clubs of hooligans or apartments, so that they will not be easily detected by the police, or, [these weapons] to be connected with us. "

The former member of the Golden Dawn also supports that many executives of the organization "are taking advantage of the operational capabilities gained through training, and converted into gangs of extortioners who oppress shopkeepers." The penetration of the Golden Dawn in the Armed Forces is not something surprising. And, we do not mean the electoral influence, but the connection of the organization with specific structures of the Armed Forces which could be used for military training, as described by the "veteran" Golden Dawn member for the newspaper.

After these revelations, Greek armed forces are going to investigate the whole situation in extend.

Athens: special guard fires in the air in the middle of antifa protest:

Greeks in outrage as Sunday newspaper publishes photo of dying Pavlos Fyssas:


  1. Anonymous24/9/13 18:05

    Liberal dribble. Golden Dawn is the only reasonable response to a country that has been completely over run by illegal aliens and financially raped by it's gov't and creditors. There is a constant attempt, by left wing media, to discredit them through smear tactics. But they are the only political group that is fighting for the rights of average Greek citizen. They are hated by the established gov't because they have exposed corruption in every corner. This is the reason that their popularity is growing.

    1. I'm sorry but I can't tell you how wrong you are. Fascists and neonazis are a just a hidden card of the systemic establishment, which uses when things are getting out of control, in order to divide and distract the masses from the decisions being made in favor of the economic elites. We are facing a political murder here from a professional murdered and the big media in Greece are mainly full of news concerning issues like how Golden Dawn's members are trained, what they wear, how they parade, etc. It's more like an advertisement for the Golden Dawn than a conviction,

      The big media serve the systemic establishment which means that they serve neoliberal policies in favor of the corrupted big capital, which means that they are far from being Left-wing. Exactly the opposite.

      “But, even the extreme nationalists today in Greece, who are supposedly fighting against Nation-State deconstruction, restricted exclusively in illegal immigrant - hunts, and appear to be totally powerless to prevent it. And not only that, but they appear to serve perfectly the systemic establishment since they disorientate people from the real threat, which is not illegal immigrants, but bankers and big capital. While repeatedly act with excessive willingness against illegal immigrants, they are just restricted in a specific rhetoric against bankers.”