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10 October, 2013

Breaking: Greek government may indeed planning provocation operations!

Samaras talks with his consultants at Maximou. Τhe "legal" cover of Venizelos, and the role of Dendias and Athanasiou. Reactions from liberal party members of Nea Dimokratia.

According to the Leftist newspaper Avgi, Samaras' most extreme consultants discuss with him a plan, which is beyond any concept of even the most extreme democratic debate and is dangerous for democracy and stability because it is based on political provocation against the Greek Left. According to the newspaper, this is something which comes from various information, public statements, as well as leaks from Greek Intelligence Service, moderate members of Nea Dimokratia and "anxious" people from the PM environment.

Thus, the theory of "two extremes", which the Samaras-Venizelos coalition is using in order to avoid the political and electoral disaster, is evolving into a dark, irresponsible and incendiary effort to strike the resistance movements, Left and Leftist Opposition party SYRIZA, by mobilizing state and para-state mechanisms.

The slogan of Maximou is “strike the Left violence” to the dynamic supporters of Samaras' policy inside the Greek police, Intelligence Service, as well as justice. The slogan is followed by “it's now SYRIZA's turn”, and mechanisms which were mobilized to support the “two edges” theory, are ready to act.

Specifically, the plan, which is processed by a small team of "tough guys" of Maximou covered legally by Evangelos Venizelos and shaped concerning the role of each part in close collaboration of the PM with the minister of Citizen Protection and minister of Justice, has three directions:

*Bombardment of public opinion with the toxic propaganda against the "Left violence", which is fully adopted by the PM and spread by his environment. The fact that this theory is not popular to the public opinion, is something, which is not discourage its creators, but instead, forces them to even more extremities using every "lawful" or illegal mean, in order to prove that the theory is true.

*The systematic phone-tap of the SYRIZA MPs and other members, in order to confirm the relation of the Opposition with any form of violence.

*Mobilizing, inside Justice, those who want to contribute to this operation and take the responsibility to generalize the opposition to other resistance movements similar to the anti-gold investment movement of Skouries, and expand, the "anti-criminal" legislation against resistance movements, to the Left.

The plan has been actually "announced" by Samaras during his recent visit to Washington, stating that except from Golden Dawn "the extreme Opposition which speaks about exit from NATO, euro and European Union", must also be dealt.

According to Maximou sources, the PM did not make a mistake using a phrase which sets "outside the law" forces of the Left. Instead, according to moderate sources inside Nea Dimokratia, Samaras, through this phrase, gave the order for some mechanisms to be mobilized, which in the name of stabilization, threaten to bring Greece to the opposite situation which is a general destabilization, which may have dramatic consequences for the country. This was exactly the reason that some members of Nea Dimokratia, like Dimitris Avramopoulos, Evangelos Antonaros and Prokopis Pavlopoulos, opposed publicly to the theory of "two extremes". Also, an information has "leaked", not accidentally, according to which the ex-PM Kostas Karamanlis is opposite to this type of extreme attack against the Greek Opposition, as well as those things supported by the theory of "two extremes".

As predicted:

If the polls show a new rise of the Left beyond "manageable limits", new provocation operations should not be unexpected, by the para-state mechanisms, which the systemic establishment activates, when its sovereignty is threatened. Besides, the ground is properly prepared through the so-called "theory of two extremes", which equalize the neo-nazist far Right with the radical Left. This theory is reproduced ad nauseam by the mainstream media and by systemic mouthpieces. Although this theory is soundly baseless, can be particularly effective if combined with successful provocation operations.”

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