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07 November, 2013

Breaking: neoliberal dictatorship invades in the ERT building!

Police special forces invaded at 4 this morning at the ERT headquarters in Agia Paraskevi. Police forces used chemicals to force people get out of the ERT courtyard. No one knows who is given the order for the invasion since district attorney stated that he is not involved. At 8:30 police forces put padlock in the out door locking it with handcuffs!

Bedtime for democracy in Greece!

The voices from the ERT workers who call for action!

Continuous updates

On BBC: Greek police clear former broadcaster ERT's offices
This is the second invasion to shut down the independent voice of public broadcaster: 

George S.-P. Katrougalos, Constitutionalist and international lawyer, Professor of Public Law and member of the Executive Council (Symvoulio) of Demokritos University of Thrace, spoken about the end of the social-democracy, as the Greek “Socialist” party has fully supported this invasion, through an official statement.

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Hellenic Public Radio Last Moments:

Journalists from ERT3, the other Hellenic Public TV channel are still broadcasting from Thessaloniki headquarters! 

Pictures from the invasion:

ERT journalists broadcasting outside the ERT building! Watch here:

NOW: Distrust proposal from the Left-wing Opposition party SYRIZA against government in the Greek parliament!

The Greek "model" will be expanded in Europe as predicted (Related Articles above):

Athens: riot police raid ERT broadaster at 4 am – Journos detained - See more at:
Athens: riot police raid ERT broadaster at 4 am – Journos detained - See more at:

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