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29 November, 2013

Opposition MP hints big interests of multinational pharmaceuticals behind a recent amendment voted by Greek parliament

Panagiotis Kouroumplis, MP with the Leftist Opposition party SYRIZA in Greece, claimed that, the minister of health Adonis Georgiadis supported through a non-paper that multinational pharmaceutical companies would lose nearly 2.5 billion euros in case of voting in favor of SYRIZA's proposal.

Specifically, the parliamentary representative of SYRIZA, speaking at the radio broadcast of the journalist Kostas Vaxevanis, claimed that, according to the non-paper the Greek minister of health supported that, if the parliament would vote SYRIZA's proposal, multinational pharmaceuticals would lose 2.5 billion euros since the prices of drugs in Greece affect prices in other 19 countries, as Greece is considered reference country.

Kouroumplis also stated that the reduction of prices concerns actually only 50 to 100 drugs, not 6,000 as the minister of health claims.

It appears that big interests play with people's lives in Greece, who already suffer from the cruel neoliberal policies.

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