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11 December, 2013

Troika lenders to Greece: what if you don't pay not a single pension in 2014? (!!!)

According to the newspaper "Eleftheros Typos", the troika lenders have sent an e-mail to the ministries of Labour and Finance, which is beyond imagination!

Through this e-mail to the ministries, troika asks to estimate the amount that the insurance funds would save, in case that they would not pay not a single new pension in 2014!

This means that, even as exercise, Troika is considering the possibility of freezing payments for pensions for an entire year - even if the pensioners have given, during their working years, every euro that they receive now - in order to reduce insurance funds deficits.

It is worth to remember that the troika had dictated the closing of three state industries through an email in September without compensation for the fired personnel! (

The Greek experiment hides much more surprises. Neoliberal dictatorship if forcing the violent return to the middle ages.

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