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01 February, 2014

France: The next target?

When mainstream media insist on the "extramarital" affairs of a president then probably something is not going well

by system failure

One rather obsolete method of disorientation of public opinion by the mainstream media, is to insist on gossip-news, as for example that of the "extramarital" affair of the French president François Hollande and reactions of his partner. Most people face big problems today and it is questionable whether they are taking seriously such matters, but it is amazing that the media still project this matter.

However, where there's smoke, there's fire. In this case, we should rather thank mainstream media because through this way show us where the problem is!

It seems that, things in France are not going well, and the mainstream media do whatever they can, to hide it (at least for the moment).

What should probably be a headline and what should probably worry us seriously, is the huge cuts of 50 billion euros in public spending for 2015-2017, announced by the French president, about half a month ago. These cuts expected to have a huge impact in the lives of millions of French people since they actually equal to cuts in social benefits.

It seems that Hollande adopts the "prevention measures" tactics getting closer to the German recipe of hard austerity and fiscal discipline, in order to satisfy the "invisible" markets which "smelled blood" and move aggressively against France, threaten to throw the country to the ECB trap.

It is characteristic that, according to many articles, which were forgotten quite fast so that the public opinion to focus on Hollande's "extramarital" affair, the biggest amount of these cuts reaching 30 billion euros, concerns cuts in levies paid by firms on labor, which actually means new cuts against labor and for the benefit of the big corporations.

It is certain that Hollande tries to calm down the "invisible" markets and gain some time by giving more and more to the big companies while sacrificing labor and small-medium businesses which are unable to stand competition. But for how long? How long the media will be dealing with his "pink" stories?

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