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23 March, 2014

A class war culmination after the euro-elections

Neoliberal dictatorship in Greece is ready to take new cruel suppression measures to finish the experiment

by system failure

Samaras administration announced recently its will to distribute the primary surplus. Government's show continued through the known tactics, as the government officials played their roles and the Greek PM declared with a supposedly strict manner that he is going to distribute primary surplus, despite Troika's orders not to do so.

The show continued also inside government through the "fresh milk" case and the supposed "rebel" MPs declaring that they will not retreat (, in an attempt to prevent the total defeat of the Socialist party PASOK in euro-elections and persuade voters that they stand for their own "red lines". The mainstream media presented these disagreements as a major issue. It is not the first time that such a show was played:

Naturally, the Europeans fully supported Samaras administration as follows accurately their orders, using again the same rhetoric that Greece is in right path, etc., but numbers do not lie ( and the mainstream media have hidden them, in order to promote the primary surplus "achievement" for one more time.

Also, the termination of polls' prohibition before the elections that the Greek Ministry of Interior recently announced, was not accidental. Polls will be used as a tool for investigating the trends of the public opinion until the euro-elections day, so that the moves of the next day to be determined.

Thus, in case that the polls will reflect a non-reversible situation for the government, despite the trivial "gifts" to citizens, one should expect preparations for new coalitions and political formations in case of early national elections. The political formation "River" and other supposed Center-Left powers have already taken position to replace the nearly dissolved PASOK (, in order to contribute to a new coalition, with the neoliberal Right Nea Dimokratia party again in charge. These political formations will be promoted again with the motto of the "responsible" political powers who want to save country.

At the same time, a "retouch" operation for the neo-nazi party Golden Dawn has been started, as well as for the Left in Greece. With its basic executives now in prison, Golden Dawn has recently moderated its actions and rhetoric inside and outside the Greek parliament, while the systemic establishment attempts to fix party's image, in order to be used by contributing to a potential new government coalition - probably with a different name - if necessary. As always, this coalition will be guided by the neoliberal Nea Dimokratia inside which there are many far-right trends ideologically close to Golden Dawn.

Concerning the Left in Greece and especially SYRIZA, the Leftist party in Opposition, another "retouch" operation is attempted, in order to be "domesticated" and come closer to the systemic establishment interests. The high degree of destruction in Greece will become in essence a minefield for any potential future Left government of tenuous majority.

However, until all these things happen, the government wants to buy some time to finish the experiment, regardless the result of euro-elections. Therefore, the announcement of the primary surplus distribution close to the euro-elections day, with a special reference to soldiers, police and other uniformed personnel, shows that the government is ready to take new cruel suppression measures after euro-elections, in case that citizens will turn their back massively to the destructive neoliberal policies through their vote.

The centers of power in the European neoliberal economic empire know that the current Greek government will expire soon and therefore, they've given orders to finish the experiment at any cost, so that to expand it to the whole Europe.

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