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03 March, 2014

The closed system of the biggest black market

Legal US dollars are printed illegally to fund riots

by system failure

The myth of the good Americans who care about people's freedom has collapsed a long time ago. No one believes in this fairy tale today and possibly, not even those who revolt against tyrannic regimes. It seems that today, more than ever, the American people are increasingly losing trust to any US government, especially after the financial crisis of 2008 and the revelations concerning NSA interceptions, as it became totally clear that the system of power in the US and the planet belongs to the big banks and multinational corporations, in other words, to the global economic elite.

It seems that, this system of power which completely controls governments, has set a very effective mechanism in order to protect and expand its interests and influence globally, by manufacturing a product that everyone wants: dollar. The effectiveness of this mechanism is due to the end of the gold standard monetary system, the establishment of US dollar as the world's reserve currency, and, the computer technology.

The economic schools, completely controlled by this system of power also, impose the new economic doctrine, using the fear of inflation. Therefore, governments officially proceed in cuts and cruel austerity measures while, unofficially, are funding every activity in favor of this system of power that prints and controls US dollar flow. At the same time, this system creates financial crises and loading nations with more debt, by circulating virtual huge capitals through computers, securing that money flow to the real economy will be limited in order not to lose value.

But where do the legal dollars that are printed illegally go?

The dollar circle begins from the American governmental and non governmental organizations which, in essence, are funded to organize conflicts and revolutions in areas where the global economic oligarchy wants to protect or expand its interests. Substantially, the dollars are used to pay hirelings to do the job, so, the presence of authoritarian regimes or even regimes presented as such is necessary, in order riots to be supported by the majority in each region.

A few million dollars appear from nowhere to pay hirelings. They have nearly zero cost for the bankers since they can print as much as they want and send them wherever they want. After that, big oil and energy companies arrive to close deals on pipelines which will bring billions in profits. The big companies pay a few millions in bribes to governmental officials and buy the local communities who suffer from high unemployment, by giving some jobs. Most of the money go back and the circle is repeated.

The detection of new huge deposits of oil and natural gas in the US territory, allow banksters to abandon war fields and avoid the corresponding complex implications, like the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan. The dollars distributed by the Americans in Iraq after the war may have been printed easily, but the public opinion generally does not approve the invasion and the bloodbath in other countries, especially after the WikiLeaks revelations and the shocking videos of American soldiers shooting journalists and civilians from the helicopter as if they were playing a video game.

The new tactics are much more effective as, the funding of different kinds of hirelings does not need to be approved through the American Pentagon budget and mostly, no explanations need to be given to journalists and to American society about the cost of bloody wars or, about the coffins of the dead soldiers that return to America. Additionaly, this tactic is gaining approvement by a significant majority of local communities, as in many cases, suffer from poverty and oppression by authoritarian regimes.

Despite all these, this kind of interference in Ukraine seems that generally has failed to gain the acceptance of public opinion, mainly because its funders have erroneously put Ukrainian neo-nazis and any kind of nationalists in the game, probably because they estimated that without them, the uprising against Yanukovych administration would have failed.

Someone could wonder: Why the bankers and the bosses of the biggest companies bother to organize such operations? Why they are doing all these things when they completely control the quantity and money flow globally? A possible answer would be, because they know better than anyone that the system based on electronic or paper money, in essence means nothing, which means that it has zero value. What has real value, is the natural resources in each country. This is the real wealth.

Therefore, in Western countries, like for example Greece, neoliberal doctrine and massive privatizations are imposed through economic crises. Cruel austerity measures and free fall of the value of corporations under state control come as a result of an economic crisis. The story after that is well known as, various "investors" invade in the country to buy everything at unbelievably low prices: companies and oil, natural gas or coal deposits, or, even water reserves in the close future.

In other countries, authoritarian regimes are used to force people to demonstrate and uprise massively. In many cases they come to power with the help of the West. Where this is not possible (Venezuela for example), the mainstream media propaganda is used, in order to present a non-desirable government as an authoritarian regime. Consequently, millions of dollars go to various anti-regime instigators. After that, organizations like IMF invade to fix the destructed economies, but the only thing they do eventually, is to open the road for the neoliberal doctrine and for the cartels of the big companies.

In essence, this is a war between the big companies to control the energy deposits. The biggest barrier now are the state-controlled giants in Russia and China and neoliberalism is trying to conquer these countries. The Western companies have declared war against companies like Gazprom, as they seek to control all the energy deposits, but in this case things are not so easy. The neoliberal model that opens the road for the Western capital, has to face now, two superpowers. 

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