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27 October, 2014

ECB's vicious cycle mechanism

by system failure

The increasingly concentrated power of the European Central Bank is proven one more time. Latest stress tests showed nine Italian banks have failed to pass. From bloomberg:

Italian banks showed the largest combined capital shortfall in the European Central Bank’s review of the region’s lenders as the country struggles to emerge from its third recession in six years. [...] Of the nine Italian banks that failed a stress test, four still showed holes after measures they took this year, according to the ECB’s report.”

The ECB dominance started two years ago after Draghi's decision for unlimited purchase of government bonds: "The European Central Bank, ECB, becomes the absolute dominant, through the unlimited purchase of government bonds in eurozone, and the Frankfurt bankers are preparing for their biggest party so far. As expected, the bank-occupied media rushed – once again – to crow." (

Greece was used as a "trojan horse" for this decision, as an excuse for the supposed "protection" of the problematic national economies that excluded from the markets, but is seems that the European plutocracy has designed a perfect mechanism to expand the Greek experiment throughout Europe.

As the European mechanisms fully controlled by bankster lobbyists, and ECB by the biggest super-banks, this mechanism can be used to coordinate more efficiently the attacks of the "invisible" markets, pointing the next targets. The European plutocracy already "rang the bell" for the eurozone:

It seems, however, that the powerful banking cartels double-gaining by ECB's "stress tests" as these can be used, under the threat of a banking crisis, to eliminate competitors and secure permanently their dominance through absolute control of the money flow inside eurozone:

Nevertheless, this mechanism of vicious cycle seems to becoming so powerful that even without markets' and rating agencies' attacks, helpless politicians who totally rely on former banking executives, will rush to take new cruel measures similar to the Greek experiment in favor of plutocracy, every time that the ECB "sneezes" and the markets will be ready to pull the trigger. The case of France is characteristic:

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