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15 October, 2014

Plutocrats tighten siege around Europe

Dijsselbloem rings the bell

by system failure

The Dutch finance minister and Eurogroup chairman, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, stated that Germany must do more to enhance its competitiveness, mentioned reforms implemented by Spain, Portugal and Ireland in recent years, adding that Berlin would be well-advised not to rest on its laurels. ( Statements came right after the news for the German economic slowdown and fears for economic recession. (

The European neoliberal economic empire sent a message, to Berlin this time, and is ready to accelerate processes for a catholic implementation of the destructive policies tested in Greece, to secure big capital's interests. This was, of course, the initial target: "Federalism means however, that the same policies will be applied totally, definitely and very soon, also against German citizens and workers."(, but the possibility of the enhancement of the anti-austerity camp, as well as the possibility of a Leftist government in Greece quite soon, appears that made European officials to show their intentions earlier.

Germany becomes now a key factor for the desirable federalization of the eurozone through an unprecedented "haircut" of the social state, labor rights, pensions and salaries, in the name of the fiscal discipline and competitiveness. Dijsselbloem's "suggestions" to Germany show characteristically that the power will be transferred from Berlin to Brussels and to the European economic mechanisms which already took the power from politicians through Draghi's decisions. (

With the biggest economy of the eurozone adopting such austerity measures, there will be no "good examples" for anyone to turn to, no excuses. The anti-austerity front will collapse and the European plutocracy will declare final victory.

In the Greek front, the battle prior to the presidential elections has started. The European neoliberal economic empire will support current government to end its term and finish the experiment, by any means. However, it seems that the government will be forced to go for national elections in 2015, as until now, there is no chance to gather the minimum 180 MP votes in the parliament to elect a new President of Greece. (

There are already accusations about briberies of independent MPs ( to vote for the suggested person for the Greek presidency, so that government could avoid national elections in 2015. Another type of "bribery" begun by the government, however, as suddenly announced a least guaranteed income pilot program (, indicating a desperate effort to regain voters.

Meanwhile, the propaganda of fear launched one more time in Greece by government officials and the mainstream media, speaking about a financial disaster in case of a Leftist government in power. The latest attack against Greece ( was a warning from abroad, assisting in such propaganda. At the same time, Berlin and European officials start to approach the main opposition party, SYRIZA, to investigate its intentions and mostly, give a message that they will not tolerate other policies in a different direction.

A Leftist government, in a fully “neoliberalized” Europe which will end to serve solely plutocrats' interests, will be like a "Don Quixote" chasing windmills. Germany's entrance to the austerity and cuts, as well as the suppression of the anti-austerity front, will fully isolate such a government unless we see a fast, general rise of the Left and the anti-neoliberal forces in Europe, that could change the outcome of the class-war.

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  1. Only when a mass movement finds their Lenin will there be a possibility of that mass movement breaking the weakened chains of neo-liberalism / capitalism.