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29 April, 2015

Official: Tsipras exposes Euro-banking mafia and its puppets

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The Greek PM, Alexis Tsipras, made some significant revelations during yesterday's interview to the journalist, Nikos Chatzinikolaou. Revelations that someone could not expect from previous Greek Prime Ministers.

The first revelation confirms the dirty role of the ECB as a liquidity asphyxiation tool for the eurozone members who refuse to apply the neoliberal agenda and take harder austerity measures.

As Alexis Tsipras said: “... on the 18th of February the European Central Bank made a decision that from a political point of view is not a regular or a rational one. So they limited the capacity and the possibility on behalf of the Greek state to issue and re-buy Greek bonds. So there was a capping as regards the treasury bonds, so at EUR9 billion, whereas the normal capping stands at EUR15 billion. So in this way they excluded the possibility of the bank to finance, to re-finance the Greek government, the Greek sovereign debt, by EUR6 billion.” (

Therefore, this is actually an official confirmation of the role of ECB, which has been described by this blog back in 2012, when the unlimited purchase of government bonds in eurozone has been decided: “... the ECB becomes a corresponding Fed in the European area, 'serving' the problematic economies that are excluded from the bond markets, through the print of new money. Therefore, the problematic economies will be loaded with more and more debt which the ECB, i.e. the largest private European banks will hold. [...] States that are excluded from markets, are now trapped within the neoliberal economic empire of the eurozone and will be forced to follow new austerity measures every time they need ECB to buy their bonds.” (

Obviously, Draghi fired the first warning shots, reducing liquidity flow, in order to force the Greek government to retreat on troika lenders' demands.

At the same time, the whole structure of the mechanism is revealed, through which the European economic oligarchy attempts to accelerate the desirable federalization, which leads to the new Feudalism. On the top of this mechanism, we find the powerful banking lobby, using the power of money which completely controls inside the eurozone through the ECB.

There was a specific plan for the experiment in Greece which was interrupted by the 25th of January national elections through which the new coalition SYRIZA-Independent Greeks took the power. As long as the puppets of previous governments were following faithfully troika's orders, there was absolutely no problem with liquidity. According to the schedule, Samaras would finish his term normally in 2016, so that the last steps of the experiment should be taken: sell off public property, complete dissolution of labor rights, minimum wage at 300 euros, further cuts in wages-pensions. All these for the benefit of the big companies that follow the banks in the hierarchy of this mechanism.

Consequently, the experiment would have been transferred to Italy-Spain, through the skyrocketing of spreads and exclusion from the markets, so that to fall to the ECB trap and follow Greece's path. However, the interruption of the Greek experiment forced the bankers to loose the rope around the rest of the eurozone periphery in order to present a false success story (like Samaras did with the help of Berlin) and increase the pressure on the new Greek government, pointing the finger at Tsipras administration, as being eurozone's "black sheep". All these, of course, with the help of the propaganda war by the Greek and international media establishment, which is completely controlled by the banks and the big corporations.

The ultimate target, is the complete isolation of Greece until the fall of Tsipras administration and its substitution by other willing puppets in power to finish the experiment. Alternatively, the lenders will try to form a more friendly coalition ( which in the end will be forced to follow their orders.

At this point, Tsipras' answer to a relative question by Chatzinikolaou was very clear, showing that Tsipras knows the game very well. He excluded new elections in order to form a more "solid" parliamentary team, as Chatzinikolaou proposed. He stated that pluralism is an advantage for SYRIZA, implying that its most radical part is the one that brings pressure to the lenders and retains the red lines according to the latest vote of the Greek people.

The other significant revelation by Tsipras was the verbal commitment he received by the lenders to withdraw ECB's decision of 18th February. A commitment which they didn't follow eventually: “... in a contact that I had with Mr. Daisebloom and Mr. Varoufakis, when present before the Eurogroup, raised the issue. And there was a commitment that, upon the agreement, the European Central Bank decisions were about to be corrected. Our mistake is that we were based, that we accepted a verbal commitment instead of a written commitment. And in the frame of this agreement we were asking for an extension, not of the Memorandum, but of the loan contract, explaining the grounds on which we were asking for this extension. And there was an explicit ground. So we were asking for this extension in order to have the reintroduction of the waiver by the European Central Bank, but also in order to rectify this threshold, this cap as regards T-bills. So indeed the Greek government felt that there were good intentions behind this verbal commitment. And we also believed that this agreement of the 20th of February was about to be implemented in its entirety.” (

It is not the first time that the euro-puppets play dirty games and try to destroy any attempt for an agreement ( Certainly, this is another reason for which they don't want a clean and decent negotiator like Varoufakis, because they know that he will not hesitate to expose them.

As long as plutocrats see that this government in Greece enjoys a constant support by the people, they will escalating attacks, trying to isolate and punish Greece to make an example. However, their position is difficult too. The coherence of their financial empire is in danger. There is an increasing skepticism by many countries in Europe concerning the path that it takes, as they see how it treats Greece.

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