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13 May, 2015

Maggie's ghost returns to Britain

Cameron to sell Thatcherian old-fashioned "patriotic" neoliberalism

by system failure

It took about two years for the ghost of Maggie ( to finally find its peace back to its homeland. Thanks to her political descendant Mr. Cameron, who surprisingly marked a clear victory in recent elections, the spirit of Thatcher will finally find a "friendly environment" in a recognizable Britain ... for now.

Cameron gave voters what they wanted: an illusion of national pride against a Berlin-guided European empire. He told to the most conservative part of the British society what they wanted to hear, and he marked a clear victory. Now, if you think about it again, it was not such a big surprise, was it?

From a political perspective, it was a quite smart tactic because Cameron managed to crush the UKIP far-Right threat, with Nigel Farage losing the monopoly of extreme patriotic rhetoric. It was something that the former Greek PM, Antonis Samaras, tried in Greece in order to attract voters from the far-Right and especially from the Golden Dawn.

But now, what should the British people expect? Apart from a possible referendum for "Brexit", what will be the impact of Cameron's policies to the lives of millions of Britons?

Well, it's not very difficult one to guess. It will be the total implement of the neoliberal policies. One of the most serious consequences will be the total destruction and, subsequently, privatization of the National Health Service - NHS. Further rise of the tuition fees in Universities, further privatization of education. Maggie will have a chance now to finish what she started, through Mr. Cameron.

Among other things, Britain is about to sacrifice one of its biggest achievements, one of the best public health systems, on the altar of the most cruel form of neoliberalism. Isn't that a huge price to pay for a potential "national pride" referendum, or, an anti-immigrant policy with controversial results?

Britons should think twice before they vote, they should look closer on Greece. They would have seen how five years of the most brutal neoliberalism literally destroyed the most vital elements of the social state. At the same time, the middle class has been systematically impoverished.

Unfortunately, things can be even worse. The modern perception of neoliberalism is fed by the dissolution of nation-states, the financial globalization. The financial elites promote this model because it serves better their interests. Cameron, even if he wants, it is doubtful whether he could impose his own patriotic agenda. A kind of Thatcherian old-fashioned neoliberalism.

He may be forced to find an excuse not to proceed in the promised referendum, or, get some help by the mainstream media propaganda, in case that he will not be able to avoid it. The media will launch the propaganda of fear - as in the case of the Scottish independence referendum, or, in the case of Grexit - by circulating Brexit catastrophic scenarios.

And then, Britons will discover that they sacrificed their social state for nothing, while Maggie's ghost will be watching the inevitable: Britain's national pride to be crushed by the global destructive neoliberal machine.

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  1. Does any of this matter?
    Unintended consequences from 1909.