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29 July, 2015

Official: Greece has become an EFD debt colony!

New shocking revelations about Greece and the European Financial Dictatorship by Yanis Varoufakis

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Shocking information on how the Troika completely controls the Greek finance ministry mechanisms was included in the recorded conversation between Yanis Varoufakis and the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum. The conversation was a confidential conference call with investors and executives of foreign hedge funds.

The Greek mainstream media chose to stand on the fact that the former minister was preparing a parallel currency project (as every government ought to do during negotiations), but they concealed indirectly that the country has become a colony of the IMF debt, the ECB and the European Commission.

Varoufakis' co-speakers said that they are overwhelmed by the degree of control by the troika within the Ministry of Finance, as a result of decisions of previous governments.

The incredible thing is that the General Secretary for Public Revenues, Katerina Savvaidou, ordered an investigation on Varoufakis' plan B (as he owed to do, specially under such financial war conditions) and the mainstream media declared a new war on Varoufakis, but noone bothered to refer to the fact that Greece is literally under financial occupation!

Also, nobody sees anything suspicious to the fact that Savvaidou was senior executive at PwC during the four years it had set up tax avoidance schemes for the largest Greek multinationals! Until June 2014, Savvaidou was a senior in PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), one of the so-called Big Four, the major auditing firms in the world, whose name is involved in the scandal of scandals case LuxLeaks.

Obviously, the global financial mafia has expanded its tentacles everywhere and Greece has become a financial warzone. The country tries to gain independence from the EFD. The other European countries should take a close look on Greece to see their dark future inside EFD imposed by the financial mafia.

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  1. Don't feel alone. North America is occupied by a terrorist military dictatorship posing as a democracy. complete with revolving figurehead presidents. And Turkey is bombing autonomous democracy in Northern Kurdistan. There's more ...