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16 August, 2015

EU ‘self-promotion’ budget reaches €664 million

The European Union spent €664 million on promoting its values among grown-ups and children last year, a report by the Business for Britain campaign said. [...] The report by the Eurosceptic campaign describes thousands of publications, videos and information campaigns produced by the Union in order to improve its image.”

The document cited the European Commission strategy, which stated that 'neutral factual information is needed of course, but it is not enough on its own'. The EU materials targeted not only grownups, but also children, with over 100 publications, 1,000 videos, cartoons and coloring books issued for distribution in schools, the reports said. Among them was an animated film describing how the EU 'came to the rescue' of farmers, an interactive game teaching youngsters to recycle, and a book about one of the stars on the EU flag, entitled 'The little star of Europe.'”

The EU promotional activities aren’t limited to the sum of €664 million, as they are also included in larger budgets where they aren’t specifically detailed in the documentation, the report said.”

The report also revealed that the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Communication operated on a budget of €246 million and employed 1,029 people last year, which is more money and staff than allocated to the EU’s Directorate-General for the Budget or the EU’s Directorate-General for Trade. In 2013, the EU allocated €12.7 million to different NGOs, which promoted the idea of an 'ever closer union' on the continent.”

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