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19 August, 2015

How the German branch of EFD blackmails MPs

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How the neoliberal leaders of the European Financial Dictatorship (EFD) blackmail their MPs to vote for disastrous deals against Greece or other countries each time?

We've seen it many times in Greece. Under previous neoliberal Samaras administration, many MPs of PASOK or even New Democracy, who were signaling that may not vote for the deals with the creditors, were threatened with erasure from the parliamentary teams of their parties.

A parallel psychological war was also taking place against them by the hard core neoliberals and the assistance of the mainstream media, by saying to them that the deals were necessary for Greece to avoid total collapse.

Unfortunately, it appears that the latest argument has been used by the SYRIZA leadership to make many of its MPs vote for the new disastrous deal since the erasure option is not predicted by the party, at least for now. However, this is another sign of SYRIZA's rapid mutation.

As we know that many MPs from the Christian Democrats in Germany are unwilling to vote for new loans to Greece, one should wonder: how the German Thatcher forces her MPs to vote for the deals? A recent report by the German newspaper Bild reveals the background of the pressures that Merkel's MPs receive to vote for the deal each time.

According to the report, CDU's general secretary, Peter Tauber, is pressing intensively the MPs of the parliamentary team who disagree, as many of them have expressed openly their will to vote against the new loan for Greece. These MPs are threatened with abolition from the main core of the parliamentary team and even with exclusion from the next elections.

The younger MPs who participate for the first time in the parliamentary processes are blackmailed even through abolition of their right to receive a benefit for house rent (about 2,000 euros per month) in case that they will put themselves out of the party line!

Indeed, such methods are used by dictatorships!

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