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21 August, 2015

Lafazanis announces a new political formation

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25 MPs of SYRIZA sent a letter in the morning to the Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament, Zoi Konstantopoulou, through which they announced their independency from the government party to form a new political party with the name "Popular Unity". Panagiotis Lafazanis has been set president of the new political formation.

The 25 MPs who have left SYRIZA for the Popular Unity are:
Panagiotis Lafazanis
Evangelia Amanatidou
Ioanna Gaitani
Konstantinos Delimitros
Vangelis Diamantopoulos
Zisis Zannas
Yannis Zerdelis
Kostas Isichos
Ilias Ioannidis
Michalis Kritsotakis
Vasilis Kyriakakis
Aglaia Kyritsi
Thomas Kotsias
Kostas Lapavitsas
Stathis Leoutsakos
Rachel Makri
Evgenia Ouzounidou
Thanasis Petrakos
Stefanos Samoilis
Athanasios Skoumas
Yannis Stathas
Dimitris Stratoulis
Alexandra Tsanaka
Despina Charalambidou
Eleni Psarea

The evolvment comes after the split of SYRIZA and yesterday's announcement by the Left Platform: “The radical part of SYRIZA (Left Platform) announced its willing to participate as a separate movement in the elections to fulfill Greek people's will to terminate catastrophic policies imposed through memorandums and write-off a significant portion of public debt.” (fa.ev/the-german-thatcher)

Update: Lafazanis said that the government rushed to proceed in early elections before the implementation of the new catastrophic measures against the Greek people. This is the old tactics by the old political establishment, as he pointed.

Update: Lafazanis: We seek to write off a big portion of the debt and nationalize the banks. We seek to implement a large plan of public investments. The "NO" of the Greek people in the referendum was not defeated. We will continue until the final victory.

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  1. Not a mention of leaving the eurozone ? Same old same old ?