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13 August, 2015

Maduro: US promote violence in Venezuela

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Tuesday accused two U.S. intelligence agents of promoting violence and looting supermarkets in southeastern Venezuela, acts that left one person dead and more than 60 arrested. In his weekly TV program, Maduro said he has proof that these two officials 'prepared and directed' the attack in the town of San Felix, Bolivar state, on July 31.”

In the last two weeks, the Venezuelan government has carried out military operations in different parts of the country dismantling 'violent paramilitary bands' that, according to Maduro, have been paid by political groups in Washington. Washington on Tuesday denied Maduro's accusations about the alleged 'vulture plan' against Caracas. 'They're false statements. We're not promoting any type of agitation or destabilization to weaken the Venezuelan economy,' said Mark Toner, a State Department spokesperson.”

Venezuela and the United States have had tense political relations since the late socialist President Hugo Chavez took office in 1999. Both nations have not exchanged ambassadors since 2010.”


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