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01 August, 2015

Poor Mr. Schäuble ...

There are no leaders today, only puppets ... under pressure!

by system failure

It is quite amusing to see who are considered powerful leaders, especially in the European Union today. The German leadership appears to be in the front line of the European "leader barometer".

Well, what did the "powerful" German leaders achieved so far? First of all, they were dragged by the US, together with the rest of the European leaders, in a dirty war in Ukraine, going so far that they were forced to support neo-nazis. They have sacrificed European democratic values from the first moment, just to align with the US imperialism. It has been proved also that the "powerful" German leadership was under NSA surveillance for years.

These "powerful leaders" clearly failed to find a viable solution for the huge problem of migration of desperate people who try to escape from war zones. The explosive migration problem brings increasingly internal conflicts inside the EU, as each country tries to "throw away" these people from its territory. No solidarity, no sensitivity for human suffering, no will to sit down and find a real solution for both these poor people and Europe as a whole.

But the most remarkable "achievement" of these "powerful leaders" is the "wonderful world" of their financial dictatorship, called eurozone. For five years they destroyed Greece through failed policies with the help of the IMF mafia and they insist now on the same catastrophic policies! It is too obvious.

We know that these "powerful leaders" are trying to protect the interests of banksters and lobbyists, but really, why they insist so much on the same catastrophic policies? Why Mr. Schäuble wants so desperately to punish Greece? Why does he risk so much to blow up the eurozone?

The answer is that poor Mr. Schäuble, who recently surpassed Mrs. Merkel in popularity in Germany, is under extreme pressure, mostly by the German capital, to "restructure" the eurozone through the Greek experiment. The German oligarchy is now in a cruel competition mostly with the US companies to hyper-automate production. It sends continuous signals that human labor will be unnecessary for its big companies and presses the German leadership to finish the experiment in Greece.

Poor Mr. Schäuble must give "earth and water" to the German oligarchs. He must organize a new Treuhand for the whole Europe to sell-off public property, he must completely dissolve labor rights, bring down pensions and wages, destroy the social state. He must end quickly with Greece and pass all the "Greek achievements" to the whole eurozone.

Europeans should also start to get used to unemployment rates of more than 30%, according to the Greek experiment. When these measures reach Germany, Mr. Schäuble will have the perfect excuse for the angry Germans: blame the Greeks and the European south because they refused to take "reforms" early, it's their fault.

This whole scenario explains why Greece's creditors insist to destroy Greece, knowing that they will never take their money back, as they systematically destroy the economy. Now you know. They don't care at all. They can print as much money as they want and give them to the banking parasites who control the Brussels-Berlin axis.

So, as you see now, poor Mr. Schäuble is very far from being considered a "powerful leader". Not only he is a puppet, but he is a puppet under pressure. He must do the work quickly for the oligarchs, persuading European people that the definite "restructure" of the eurozone into a totalitarian financial dictatorship is inevitable. Very tough job indeed, especially after the recent developments in the negotiations with Greece that ended in a clear blackmail.


  1. Spot on. The final preperations for the Neo Liberal Putsch are in progress.
    Winning the Next War of Ideas
    Neoliberalism vs Super-Competent Democracies. The new book from Roy Madron will contextualise what the Latin American Countries have known for so long the BRICS are in a sense the new LAtin American whipping boy for US imperialism.

  2. Anonymous2/8/15 07:23

    THE NET EFFECT OF THESE FAILED POLICIES HAS BEEN TO EFFECTIVELY TRIGGER A TIME-BOMB ....socially, politically and ultimatelly MILITARILY the EU is about to explode, with catastrophic consequences for the public "peaceful living"...mauìybe the eurobureocrats will act when enough banlieues are in flames...

  3. Why, then, does Greece's communist government beg its European peers steadily for more bailout money? ... Even betraying the electorate that was promised that "they can eat the cake and have it too!! Why doesn't Greece issue IOUs and hunt for investors - as, btw, all other countries have to do. Why was "elected" PM Tsipras sucking up to all (not just Germany's) European finance ministers instead of fulfilling his clear mandate. By, again, blaming others but yourselves you guys clearly prove to the educated world that you must either be fools or act like one.

    1. Don't reproduce the obsolete mainstream media propaganda. It doesn't work anymore. Don't bother.

  4. Why is telling the truth "mainstream media propaganda". Why then, in your opinion, the global media stacked the odds against Greece? Why not against Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria or Romania? Why, of all countries, against Greece?
    You know what? "Self pity is easily the most destructive of the non-pharmaceutical narcotics; it is addictive, gives momentary pleasure and separates the victim of this addiction from reality.”
    ― John Gardner --

    1. "Greece's communist government beg its European peers steadily for more bailout money?"

      1st: this is not a communist government
      2nd: does not beg for more money, it just says what's common sense: stop pressure for more catastrophic policies so that you lenders can take your money back. Instead, for five years the lenders systematically destroyed the Greek economy, which now is totally dependent on Draghi's money. Draghi reduced the funding of banks during the referendum week and forced the governent to proceed in capital controls to blackmail citizens vote for "yes". Draghi is funding the banks not the Greek people. Not to mention that he illegaly excluded Greece from the latest QE program of trillions released for the eurozone members.

      This is only a very brief answer to your simplified arguments "Greece's communist government beg its European peers steadily for more bailout money?" and "... blaming others but yourselves ...".

      I tell you again that such a simplified logic is the core of narratives used by the mainstream media for obvious reasons. I doesn't work, only a few believe in it now.

  5. Thanks, System failure. This constant nonsense of people babbling one untruth after another to try and make their loaded questions sound 'reasonable' needs to be confronted all the time.