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27 August, 2015

Tsipras: We will not cooperate with the 'old political system'

GR elections

In yesterday's interview to the journalist, Sophia Papaioannou, Alexis Tsipras said that he is open to coalitions after the snap elections, but he excluded to cooperate with the 'old political system' as he said.

'If we have 151 MPs we will seek cooperation, as it happened with the Independent Greeks and Panos Kammenos. I'm not going to bring from the window all those who the people threw from the door on January 25th. I can't cooperate with Meimarakis' party [New Democracy], nor with PASOK or Mr. Theodorakis' party [River], which, in my opinion, does not represent something new', Tsipras said.

Obviously Tsipras tried to exorcise the plans of the Brussels-Berlin axis, according to which, SYRIZA will form coalition with neoliberal parties like River. However, the first phase of the plan succeeded through the split o SYRIZA. Under current circumstances, a probable scenario would be that SYRIZA may win the elections marginally and the Independent Greeks stay out of the new parliament. What will Tsipras do then? He implied that he is not willing to cooperate with Popular Unity, the new party of his former partner in SYRIZA, Panagiotis Lafazanis. What are his options then?

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