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13 October, 2015

Another reason why the West wanted Russia to get involved in the Syrian mess

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The head of Al-Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate has called on jihadists in the Caucasus to attack Russian civilians and soldiers in retaliation for Moscow’s air strikes in Syria.”

'If the Russian army kills the people of Syria, then kill their people. And if they kill our soldiers, then kill their soldiers. An eye for an eye,' Abu Mohamed al-Jolani, the head of Al-Nusra Front, said in an audio recording released late yesterday. He pledged that Moscow’s air war in Syria, which began on September 30, would have dire consequences for Russia.”

'The war in Syria will make the Russians forget the horrors that they found in Afghanistan,' Jolani said, adding: 'They will be shattered, with God’s permission, on Syria’s doorstep.' Russia has said its aerial raids are targeting the Islamic State group, a jihadist rival of Al-Nusra, as well as other extremist groups.”

... every side has to face now a new reality. As long as there are lunatic fanatics who are determined to kill themselves in suicide bombings, no army, no tactic will ever be able to clean the mess. And even worse, such actions can be planned away from the war zones, taking more innocent lives, like we already witnessed in the Western world and recently in Turkey.

Therefore, another reason for which the West wanted Russia to get involved in the Syrian mess, is to 'absorb' the Jihadist fanatism in its soil. If the suicide bombings start to 'shift' from Western targets to Russian territories, Putin will have to face another big problem, apart from any other potential 'color revolutions', a dead end in Syria, or, renewed Western sanctions and further economic trouble.

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