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17 October, 2015

Endless: Another tragedy in the Mediterranean sea grave

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A tragedy without end is taking place in the Aegean. New victims are four young children and an adult woman. The refugees drowned on Friday night off the coast of the Greek island Kalymnos.

As the survivors stated, there were 17 people in the plastic boat who tried to arrive to Greece. According to the coast guard, the plastic boat was capsized due to weather conditions in the region.

One children still missing and the research continues under adverse weather conditions. One boat of the coast guard, one fishing boat and one Frontex aircraft are involved in the investigation.

Twelve more refugees drowned this morning in Turkish territorial waters, where the wooden boat they were riding, was overthrown. The Turkish coast guard pulled the bodies from the wooden vessel which had started its journey from Ayvalık with destination the Greek island Lesbos. The coast guard rescued 25 migrants aboard who were calling for help through their mobile phones.


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