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05 October, 2015

Neoliberal nightmare takes Portugal

Another battle against the European Financial Dictatorship has been lost

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Despite the catastrophe in Portugal by the austerity brought by the neoliberal policies made in Brussels-Berlin axis, the Portuguese chosen again austerity.

From BBC:

Portugal's governing centre-right coalition has won the country's general election, which was widely seen as a referendum on four years of austerity. [...] With almost all votes counted, the centre-right leads with just under 37%, with the Socialists on over 32%.

However, Mr Passos Coelho said his coalition appeared to have lost its absolute majority in parliament. With 99 seats in the 230-seat parliament, the ruling coalition fell 17 seats short of the number it needed. Mr Passos Coelho indicated that he was ready to talk to other parties in the next parliament to pursue the "necessary reforms" he wants to implement.

Parties to the left of the Socialists achieved their best-ever result, says the BBC's Alison Roberts in Lisbon. Left Bloc won 10% of the vote, securing 19 seats, while the Communists took 8% of the vote.

Four years of austerity have taken their toll, and the coalition lost almost one-third of the votes that its two constituent parties gleaned in the last general election, our correspondent adds.

The coalition had vowed to continue the policies in place since 2011 after it was forced to seek a eurozone bailout.

Now, seeing the rise of Left, Coelho will rush to pass every neoliberal destructive measure, like Cameron in Britain. Total destruction of social state, full deregulation of labor market, sell off public assets. Next crucial battle: Spain.

Here is an example of the Portuguese 'success story': fa.ev/deconstructing-another-success-story

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