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03 October, 2015

Putin takes action under Western tolerance

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More than a year ago we wrote that:

Latest news concerning the threat against Putin which includes plans for "liberating" Chechnya and Caucasus, came surprisingly close to the ceasefire agreement (or attempt for agreement) between Kiev and Moscow. Normally, the neocon "clowns" would be very happy with such threats, but the beheading of the second American journalist, Steven Sotloff, leaves no alternative but to deal with the ISIS and the US public opinion.

Everything points to the fact that maybe some underground "unofficial" channels between NATO and Russia have been mobilized, after a long time, so that to reach a - even temporary - ceasefire agreement in Ukraine. Neocons have ridiculously failed one more time. After the mess they brought in Iraq, they had this "brilliant idea" to support these militant groups so that to bring down Assad regime, which is attached to Russia, and probably destabilize Iran too. Now they are closing fronts and call everyone to destroy ISIS.


It is characteristic that the US-Israel relations are not in the best shape, and this is not only due to the Israeli policy concerning Gaza, but also because the US are trying to approach Iran, and one reason is probably because they think that the Iranian army, which did not get involved in deleterious wars for many years, is suitable to contribute to the fight against the IS fighters.

It seems that the time has come for Putin to take action under Western tolerance because of the mess, mostly brought by the US, in the Middle East. It seems that the ISIS monster released by the US imperialism, is indeed out of control, and the West will need all the help it can get, even from its opponents in the global geopolitical game, like Russia, Iran, or, China.

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