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03 October, 2015

Schäuble to Varoufakis: 'The program is designed to fail!'

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The former Greek Minister of Finance, Yanis Varoufakis, made some new revelations concerning the negotiations between Greece and its creditors, during the previous months when he was in charge.

Speaking at French television, he referred to the psychological tense of the Greek PM, Alexis Tsipras, shortly before he signed the third memorandum. He also made new revelations about his discussions with the German Minister of Finance, Wolfgang Schäuble.

"At the end of April to the beginning of May, I saw Alexis 'on his knees' because of the pressure. He made some concessions that he didn't want. At the moment that you proceed in concessions and your opponent is not making similar ones, the retirement and surrender begins. The second significant moment of disappointment was after the referendum. I was hoping that the result of the referendum would enhance Greece's position. But during the night of the referendum I went to Alexis Tsipras' office and I saw him totally disappointed, he was under depression, while I was full of enthusiasm", Varoufakis said characteristically.

The most interesting revelation comes during another moment of the interview when Varoufakis told Schäuble that the new agreement (the 3rd memorandum) with Greece is about to fail too, and Schäuble clearly agreed!

As Varoufakis said:

"I will share with you a conversation I had with Wolfgang Schäuble, at the time when I was minister. I said to him: 'Wolfgang, this memorandum will bring us to the same situation that we are now, in six months. It's another program doomed to fail'. And he answered: 'Yes. This is a program that will fail, it is designed to fail'".


Another proof of what we support from the start of the Greek crisis. Greece's creditors are only interested to finish successfully the Greek experiment to expand it throughout eurozone. They are not even interested to take their money back. They want to completely destroy Greek economy using the heavy debt (which has grown under Troika's programs), and finish the experiment, probably during 2016 according to the timetable.

The final targets: full deregulation of the labor market, total destruction of the social state, elimination of the small-medium business sector as the last barrier of competition to the multinationals, sell off the most important public assets in key sections.

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  1. Yeah. Exactly. It was said by quite a few people at the time that Germany was trying to force Greece out of the euro. They gave them a deal that was designed to be refused but the Greeks accepted it. But Tsipras got re elected, so he must have done the right thing....