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15 October, 2015

US dismisses cooperation with Russia on curbing IS

U.S. defense chief Ash Carter said on Tuesday the United States would not cooperate with Russia in the fight against the extremist group, the Islamic State (IS). 'We (the Pentagon) are not able to associate more broadly with Russia's approach in Syria, because it is wrongheaded and strategically shortsighted,' said Carter at a press conference.”

While the Kremlin insisted that its goal in Syria was to target the IS, Washington accused it of targeting rebels who opposed the Syrian government. It was not the first time for Carter to dismiss the possibility of cooperation between U.S.-led coalition and Russia on the anti-IS campaign.”

Despite Carter's dismissal of the Russian strategy in Syria, the United States on Friday announced it would abandon its own train-and-equip program in Syria, a central pillar of U.S. President Barack Obama's counter-IS strategy which was previously aimed at recruiting 5,400 Syrian rebels each year for three years. Instead, the Obama administration would from now on support existing rebel groups.”

The first target is to allow the US to withdraw progressively any forces from the Syrian mess, avoiding another endless attrition war. At the same time, Washington will start a new propaganda war to pass the blame for the mess to Putin and his allies. Simultaneously, Washington hopes to restore, to some degree, the relations with the European allies, as many of them are dissatisfied with the US policy, which generated the huge problem of the fleeing refugees, finding Europe totally unprepared to deal with it. Putin will be considered responsible for the new waves of refugees.

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