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10 November, 2015

USA: The country that did not win any war ...

... but does it really matter?

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How many wars the United States have won since the end of WWII? In his new movie "Where to Invade Next", Michael Moore gives a straight answer: none. However, maybe the real question should be: what is of most importance, victory or war itself?

After the humiliating war in Vietnam, which cost the US a major influence in Southeast Asia, and led to the overheating of the US economy due to long-term government spending on weaponry, the military operations of the US can hardly be considered failed.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan may have brought chaos in the wider Middle East but also led to the encirclement of Iran, while they redistributed the pie of oil fields and pipelines which were about to pass in the hands of European and Chinese companies.

The bombing of Libya may have led even to the death of the American ambassador in Tripoli, but deprived from Europe an alternative energy source, increasing its dependence on the Americanized oil monarchies of the Persian Gulf - note that the same thing happened with the civil war in Ukraine, through which the geostrategic flirting between Berlin and Moscow was interrupted.

Even the seemingly uncontrollable creation of jihadists, first in Libya and then in Iraq and Syria, still operates today as a benefit, rather than a loss - it allows the implementation of the "divide and rule" doctrine.

The most important, however, according to many analysts, is that the US economy is now so inextricably linked to the war - from the weapons companies and the research and development sector, to construction companies that undertake the reconstruction of devastated areas - so that the continuous state of war is prerequisite for its survival.

War is no longer an end in itself, and victory or defeat, at least as defined in previous centuries, are of secondary importance. The actual defeat does not concern the US military. It concerns the US economy.


This is actually a modern type of political control as described by Adam Curtis in his short film: fa.ev/p1/

The line between good and bad, victory and defeat, ally and enemy is not clear at all and can be altered any time. Absolute confusion and chaos fuel the US and the Western economies, but maybe the time has come to pay the price through the huge refugee crisis, which the West and especially Europe suddenly appear unable to handle.

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