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26 December, 2015

Are US financial elites interested in Daesh rise?

America's Muslims can by no means be regarded as the "enemy within," however there is an entity that supports Daesh (Islamic State/ISIL) from inside the United States, Calep Maupin notes, pointing the finger at omnipotent US oligarchs and financial elites.

Wall Street tycoons pursue their own vested interests in Syria and Iraq, New York-based political analyst Caleb Maupin notes; as Daesh (Islamic State/ISIL) grows stronger, their profits increase, he underscores.

What is the source of ISIS [Daesh] weaponry? ISIS, like all the other anti-government terrorist groups in Syria, has received a steady flow of weapons from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Qatar. These countries are absolute monarchies propped up by Exxon Mobile and other powerful US oil corporations,” Maupin writes in his article for New Eastern Outlook.

The political analyst emphasizes that a large percentage of the social media which is activity supporting Daesh originates within Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The Wall Street oil plantations also known as the 'Gulf States' have been pouring weapons into Syria, as many of their poorest citizens, unemployed as a result of the oil-price drop, find their way into ISIS [Daesh] ranks,” he underscores.

Although Saudi Arabia cannot boast a large army, it has the fourth-largest military budget in the world. It has been purchasing weapons exclusively from the United States: Back in 2010 Riyadh and Washington conducted the biggest arms deal in history worth $60.5 billion, the political analyst writes.

Daesh militants have been spotted armed to the teeth with American weapons. Coincidence? Unlikely. It is Saudi Arabia and its Gulf neighbors who poured US-manufactured arms into Syria.

Needless to say, US military contractors such as General Electric, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin are making every effort to keep Washington on good terms with pro-Daesh Gulf dictatorships through their Congress lobbyists, Maupin remarks.

At the same time, another US ally and NATO member Turkey has been facilitating the sale of Daesh oil and allowing Islamic extremists from all over the world to flow into Syria. Surprisingly, Washington has not raised a finger to bring Ankara's illicit actions to an end.

Maupin expresses his concerns regarding the recent move made by US Congress in the wake of the San Bernardino attack.

Incredible as it may seem, Congress passed a law restricting entrance to the US for anyone who has ever visited the Islamic… Republic of Iran. But it is no secret that Iran is waging a fierce war against Daesh thugs, Maupin points out.

In the aftermath of ISIS-linked terrorist attacks, the US congress has taken action, not against ISIS, but against one of ISIS' key enemies. Meanwhile, the pro-ISIS groupings remain strong and intact,” the US political analyst writes.

Maupin draws parallels between America's financial elites which supported Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany in the beginning of the Second World War and those Wall Street tycoons who actually facilitate the rise of Daesh and Islamic fundamentalism.

However, US president Franklin Roosevelt found the solution. The political analyst praises the Roosevelt administration's “Trading with the Enemy Act” that helped Washington to close down the “pro-Nazi house of finance” within the United States. “The current situation calls for equally harsh measures,” he underscores.

The defeat of ISIS [Daesh] is something that the people of the United States, the people of Russia, the people of China, Iran, Venezuela, and almost every other country on earth can agree on. However, US leaders have not seriously committed to this effort. The US government continues to maintain hostility to the forces actively defeating ISIS on the battlefield. These sinister policies are being actively dictated by the financial oligarchy which has no loyalty to the United States, its people, or world peace,” Caleb Maupin emphasizes.


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