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19 December, 2015

Endless: 18 more people dead, children among them, in the Mediterranean sea grave

Eighteen people have drowned off the southwestern coast of Turkey when a vessel carrying refugees sank late Friday, according to the Turkish Coast Guard. The wooden boat - packed with refugees, including Syrians and Iraqis - was seeking to reach the Greek island of Kos when it sank in Bodrum Bay.

Fourteen people were rescued, but 18 others, including children, were found dead in the sea, the Turkish Coast Guard said.

Kos and other Greek islands lie just a few kilometers from the Turkish coast, making them attractive destinations for refugees seeking to enter the EU.

Over the past year, thousands have made short but perilous journeys across the Aegean in a bid to reach northern and western Europe. Worsening weather conditions currently make the trip more dangerous than usual.


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