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15 December, 2015

Hollande has just confirmed that there is no difference between Social Democrats and Popular Right in Europe

short comment by globinfo freexchange

After he decided to proceed in 50 billion cuts for 2015-2017, the French president François Hollande, has confirmed that the Social Democrats are devoted to the neoliberal agenda, just like the Popular Right in Europe. In order to maintain current status, he ordered his forces to "retreat" from two of the French regions in the 2nd round of the French local elections and pushed voters to Sarkozy's Popular Right.

From reuters:

Marine Le Pen's far-right National Front lost election run-offs on Sunday in three key target regions despite topping last week's first round, exit polls showed, making Nicolas Sarkozy's conservatives and their allies the clear winner in all three.

The result followed the withdrawal of President Francois Hollande's Socialist Party in two of the regions for the decisive run-off round, and its call on supporters to vote tactically to keep the FN out of power.


If confirmed, the results would be a huge disappointment for Le Pen, who had hoped to use victories as a springboard for presidential and general elections in 2017.

Another sign of the absolute unification of the supposed different ideologies in the European political scenery, under the neoliberal umbrella, besides the fact that they use exactly the same rhetoric.

It seems that the neoliberal powers sense that there is no need yet for the fascists to come in the front line to protect their interests. But the first round of the French elections was a warning for people to accept the current establishment, so that to avoid the far Right. After Paris attacks the Left has just disappeared ... again.

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