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12 December, 2015

Signs of a dying empire that becomes dangerous

Ridiculous accusations and terror

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More evidence that the US imperialistic empire declines, after the ridiculous claims by US officials that the Syrian government buys oil from the Daesh terrorists. In fact, this is an adoption of Erdogan's claims that Assad is buying oil from the Islamic State. The "empire" not only fails to impose discipline on one of its allies, but, furthermore, adopts its ridiculous claims. The US behaves more like a nervous medium power rather than a superpower.

From PressTV:

The US accusation against the Syrian government that it buys oil from the Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group is “mindboggling” that shows the corrupt American empire is in its death throes, a writer and political analyst in Boston says.

These false statements by US officials about Syria shows how bankrupt and unbelievable the US government has become, Daniel Patrick Welch told Press TV on Friday.

The United States has accused the Syrian government of buying oil from Daesh, following reports that Turkey is engaged in oil trade with the terrorist group.

Speaking at Chatham House in London on Thursday, senior US Treasury official Adam Szubin said that Daesh is earning some $40 million a month from oil trade, Reuters reported.

Szubin, the acting undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence with the Treasury, said "ISIL is selling a great deal of oil” to the Assad government, without citing any evidence to support his claims.

Welch added characteristically that “I think what is interesting is that the game really is up. This is like a dying empire that is flailing, and is saying and doing literally anything, anything they can to keep the game going. The trouble is it's still the biggest military in the world. It's very dangerous; it's like a cornered, rabid dog.

Indeed, as we wrote in previous article: “What is new, and probably shows that the US empire declines, is that the latest round of imperialist intervention both in Latin America and Middle East, is a result of a nervous reaction by the empire against the geopolitical and economic expansion of its major opponents in the global arena. While in the past the global spheres of influence were more or less unofficially determined by all major powers, today's fierce antagonism for global dominance leaves no room for 'silent agreements'. But the declining empire is more dangerous than ever, and will use all means to retain its dominance.

But terror has become also the key tool by the "empire" to prevail against its opponents in the global arena. False flags, armies of mercenaries and proxy wars show a saturated and tired from the dead-end wars superpower that tries hardly to maintain its dominance.

As the American scholar and political analyst Dennis Etler, told at PressTV:

It can legitimately be asked, ‘who benefits from these attacks and the hysteria they generate?’ The clear answer is those in the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the other [Persian] Gulf States and Turkey who want to see the defeat and destruction of anti-imperialist nations, be they secularly or religiously motivated, they are the chief beneficiaries of the chaos that has engulfed the Middle East and other regions of the world.

The US wants to maintain its position of global hegemony and counter the rise of a multi-polar world led by Russia and China. One way of doing this is to fan the flames of war and instability on their borders, hoping that the destabilizing effects will spill over and threaten them at home,


Turkey under the leadership of the Pan-Turkic Erdogan wants to use the ‘War on Terrorism’ to expand its influence into Turkic lands in Central Asia, including China's Xinjiang. Saudi Arabia and the [Persian] Gulf states wish to use their Salafist clients in order to extend their influence throughout the Middle Eat in contention with Iran and its allies.


It thus matters little as to whether the terrorists are willing pawns of the imperialists, their dupes or autonomous actors with their own agenda. It doesn't make one whit of difference as to whether the terrorist attacks on civilians are ‘false flag operations,’ ‘set-up jobs,’ or simply attacks motivated by a malignant ideology. In any case the attacks serve the interests of the cabal of imperialists commanded by the US which includes a motley assortment of Zionists, Salafists, and Panturkists. Homeland terrorist attacks play into the hands of those who want to continue to wage war against those who are the primary victims of the terrorists that the US and its allies train, fund and supply directly and indirectly. It is the perfect example of a thief yelling 'Catch the thief,’” the scholar concluded.

But we should not forget the elites behind the scenes who pull the strings of the political puppets. It's all about power and money. And the best proof is that even the leaderships in the most "religiously" fanatic regimes are doing business for profit upon the Middle East chaos. Many related accusations have come to surface lately about the involvement of the Erdogan family, while we know that the regime in Saudi Arabia enjoys the super-profits form oil, when people are suffering from this brutal regime.

The "empire" is only the tool through which the elites try to maintain a system which secures their global dominance in every level and field. When the "empire" shows signs of degradation, it means that this system suffers from high instability, which makes it more dangerous than ever.

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