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07 December, 2015

The US economic war on Venezuela achieved its goal

The country under the imperialist occupation again, after the results of the elections

The opposition has won Venezuela’s parliamentary elections, taking control of the legislature from the governing socialists. President Nicolas Maduro has recognized the “adverse” results of the vote. The opposition Democratic Unity Roundtable coalition got 99 seats in the country’s parliament, while the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, founded by the late President Hugo Chavez, won 46 seats.

A total of 19.4 million Venezuelans were eligible to vote. The electoral commission recorded a turnout of 74.25 percent.

It is the first time in 15 years that anti-Chavez parties have won a majority in the legislature, which comprises 167 deputies.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, 53, rapidly acknowledged his party’s defeat. “We are here, with morals and ethics, to recognize these adverse results,” Reuters reported Maduro as saying in an address to the nation. He blamed an “economic war” against his government for the results.

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