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14 December, 2015

This is a coup

Another revealing documentary by Infowar productions concerning the coups conducted by the European Financial Dictatorship across the eurozone

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How many “coups” are required for the enforcement of the economic domination of Berlin and the functioning of the eurozone? The usual answer is: As many as the countries in which they must be imposed memorandum. However, in some cases these coups are ... double.

In my country, two coups took place. An inner and an outer.” The phrase belongs to the former President of Cyprus, Dimitris Christofias. Actually, these were his first words in the extended interview for the filming of the documentary This is a coup, which is expected to be completed next semester.

The paradox is that the interviewees in all countries we were visited the last weeks, have used nearly the same sentence to answer. If Christofias refers to the role of the central bank of Cyprus and parts of the economic elite of the country, in Italy they told us about the "presidential coup" of Giorgio Napolitano, which brought to power the technocrat Mario Monti.

As a distant echo of that story was heard a few weeks ago, also the attempt of the president of Portugal to prevent the formation of a new government, in which the anti-memorandum forces of the Left would have participated.

In all cases the perpetrators are almost always the same: a central banker working for the interests of the eurozone and not of his country, a willing or even irresolute, President of the Republic who facilitates the diversion, some oligarchs, who through the media that they control "are promising" havoc in case of return to national currency, and, always the ECB, which takes action to create liquidity suffocation in the banking system, demanding that the economic orders of Berlin should be applied to the letter. Each financial coup has its own fictional story.

The target, however, remains the same. And maybe our own task is to paraphrase an old familiar phrase of Pier Paolo Pasolini now adorns as a graffiti the walls of Rome: “I know the names of the people responsible for the so-called coup - in the reality of the systemic coups created to save the power.

As for Greece ... here come the great revelations that you will allow us not to present until the completion of our new documentary.

The producers of the documentaries Debtocracy, Catastroika and Fascism Inc., return to the crime scene, talking to politicians, economists and journalists who were at the forefront of the "coups". We started from Frankfurt to get to Athens via Nicosia, Rome, Lisbon, Dublin and several more European cities.

For one more time, the production is based on the viewers themselves that can economically enhance the effort through paypal or bank account that they will find on page

As we experienced from all previous productions, the so-called crowd-funding, ie coverage of the production costs by the public, is often the only guarantee for the absolute independence of a documentary - especially if one wants to refer to names of bankers, big business and politicians.

Obviously, a documentary funded by the viewers rightfully belongs to them. The “This is a coup”, therefore, will be distributed free via the Internet after a brief period in which it will be screened in festivals and selected rooms, which stood by our side in all previous projections.

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