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29 January, 2016

Endless: Two more shipwrecks with 32 dead in the Mediterranean sea grave

Twenty-six migrants have drowned off the Greek island of Samos near Turkey after their boat capsized.

Ten of those were children, and it was the second migrant boat to sink in as many days. Seven people drowned off the island of Kos on Wednesday.

Another six bodies were discovered by the Italian navy in a sinking dinghy off the Libyan coast.

The deaths come as the Netherlands proposed sending migrants reaching Greece back to Turkey.

The nationalities of the latest migrant victims are not yet known. Most of those who risk their lives, packed aboard rickety boats, are refugees from the conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The EU's Frontex border agency is helping the search for survivors off Samos.

The bodies found by the Italian navy are thought to be the first deaths this year recorded along the migrant route from North Africa to Italy.


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