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17 January, 2016

Fake photos flood Internet after sexual assaults in Germany

Dozens of photos and videos purporting to show young female victims of sexual assaults in Germany, Sweden and even Finland have been spreading like wildfire across social media. Although the women in the photos have bloodied faces, bruised bodies and petrified expressions, FRANCE 24's Observers discovered that many of these pictures are actually fakes.

More than 600 criminal complaints were filed in Germany after a wave of attacks on New Year’s Eve, almost half of which relate to allegations of sexual violence. According to the German interior minister, those who carried out the assaults were mainly asylum seekers. The Cologne attacks have now escalated into a full-blown crisis for Angela Merkel, whose open-door migrant policy is coming under closer scrutiny. In Sweden, police have also been accused of orchestrating a cover-up. Officers failed to disclose a series of sexual assaults that happened at a music festival in Stockholm in 2014, also blamed on migrants.

The wave of assaults has unleashed a xenophobic backlash on social media, where Internet users have spread dozens of fake photos purporting to show victims of the violence.

Further details:

So, how the new jihadist barbarians are useful to the elites in our era?

1st, they disorientate people from the real enemy, the elites themselves, who are the ones exclusively responsible both for the wars and the absolute mess in the Middle East, as well as for the new conditions based on the Greek experiment.

2nd, they can apply further suppression measures inside the Western societies without significant resistance, in order to justify the elimination of - the excessively advertised in the past - civil liberties. Progressively, no one would be allowed to protest against austerity in the name of security from terror attacks.

3rd, they feed extreme nationalists and fascists. The useful tool which the elites mobilize everytime they need to distract attention away from them. These are now quite useful to do the dirty job, which is to get rid the "unnecessary load" of thousands of desperate refugees, and, confront the Leftist threat which may turn against them.

Europeans must be distracted from the real war and turn against Muslims.

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