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29 January, 2016

Kurdish exclusion from peace talks the result of Turkey 'blackmailing' West

Despite being one of the most effective ground forces in the region, the Kurdish PYD has been barred from participating in Syrian peace. Elif Sarican of the Kurdish Student Union, tells Radio Sputnik’s Loud & Clear why the PYD has been left on the sidelines.

Those talks begin Friday, seeking an end to Syria’s bloody conflict. According to Sarican, Western nations have refused to allow the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) to join the talks for fear of upsetting Turkey, especially considering Ankara’s role in slowing the flow of refugees in mainland Europe.

Sarican also points out that Washington’s intervention in Syria is more about a desperate attempt to hold onto its status as the sole world superpower.

While the PYD is one of the most effective fighting forces, it could also be the best hope of diplomacy. [...] Given the long history of Turkey’s mistreatment of Kurdish communities, the PYD is simply fighting for a chance to live free of repression.


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