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27 January, 2016

Latin American unity in the light of Right-Wing resurgence

The future and direction of Latin American integration may hang in the balance this week as a regional summit unfolds in Ecuador amid recent right-wing gains in a region largely dominated by progressive politics since the turn of the century.

The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, known as CELAC, is a bloc created in the same spirit as the Union of South American Nations: it is an embodiment of the dream of Liberator Simon Bolivar for a unified Latin America.

This year, however, things have taken a slight turn. Although the significance of the resurgence of right-wing political forces — and the accompanying retreat of the so-called “pink tide” — has been somewhat exaggerated, there are nonetheless new political actors on the stage who have made their intentions to change the direction of regional unity known.

The most vocal of this new crop of right-wing politicians in the region has been Argentina's new President Mauricio Macri.

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