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03 March, 2016

Bernie Sanders lives to fight his dreams; so do the supporters

Bernie sanders has face with some defeats on super Tuesday, but he has pile up enough victories to show the world that the United States is beginning to alter its fundamental characteristics as the world leading capitalist state.

At first a presidential campaign with small number of supporters, no super PAC, with zero expectations has turned instead into a surprisingly nationwide movement. The movement resulted in major victory in New Hampshire and four additional victories in Super Tuesday. The victories can send his massage of working class power against corporate power.

Unlike Hillary, radicalism has been the rallying cry of his campaign. At his Massachusetts rally he asked the audience whether they are ready for a radical idea. “We're going to create an economy that works for working families, not just the 1 percent. We have a broken criminal justice system. There is no rational reason why we have more people in jail than any country on Earth.” He said.

Social media storm

For the past decade, the mass media had played a primarily role in introducing and reflecting ideas of each candidate. The relationship between supporters and candidates in these media were monotonous, so the media could determine to promote a candidate over another. In contrast to the traditional relation, there emerged the social media. Sanders supporters have proved that there is no need for traditional media where the media were dominant.

To feel the social media storm of Bernie supporter just take a brief tour in Facebook groups or twitter pages. It's all over the network and it doesn't seem to be stopped after the presidential election. While polling shows Sanders bracing for what could be critical losses tonight, most Bernie supporters claims to live on regardless of the result. From what is evident in social networks, the rise of a second "Occupy Wall Street" movement or a social revolution seems likely and eminent.

"People have to rise up"

Bernie Sanders did not trash Hillary Clinton at their latest debate for being a captive of Wall Street and falling short as a progressive, instead he focused on things he would like to do as president, from free tuition for college students to free, guaranteed healthcare for all.

Then he had an admission. “For all these things to happen,” he said, “people have to rise up.” This is the "political revolution" that is the rallying cry of Mr. Sanders' campaign for president and what he has been agitating for his entire political career.

Bernie sanders and his Anti-Fed supporters are accused of being dreamers, but there is no fault in following your dreams. The United States of America has proved that there are some major defects in capitalist system that has to be repaired. An exact copy of Scandinavian governmental system may not be the ultimate solution but it can serve as a successful model for a country already plagued with debts and social injustice.


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