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17 March, 2016

Last chance for Bernie and the American people

NY and California the next most crucial battlefields

Although chances for Bernie to beat Hillary were reduced after Tuesday's primaries, the fight is not over yet. It appears that now, the most crucial states are New York and California.

This is the last chance for the American people to bring in power a president who could really make the difference after a very long time. The establishment already feels to be threatened by a political movement that is willing to fight against Wall Street corruption, fight for real social justice and peace.

The achievements so far are not insignificant. With the help of this movement, and especially the young people, Bernie managed so far to:

  • Challenge the traditional 'big money' in the political campaigns, by funding his race from the people.

  • Speak about Democratic Socialism, a concept which was considered nearly a 'hubris', even a few years ago, in the America of brutal neoliberalism.

  • Open issues which were considered taboo in the plutocracy-dominated America. A clear, open war against the Wall Street corruption and billionaire class, which by the way, proves why Bernie could become the only authentic opponent of the billionaire Donald Trump.

  • Beat the mainstream media exclusion, mostly with the help of young people and the usage of internet and social media.

The odds are now against Bernie, but the American people brought already the first cracks to the establishment.

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