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05 March, 2016

Playing system's game through uninterrupted “Viralism”

The system probably exploits the fact that issues of unemployment, interceptions, population control and a possible nuclear war, “go viral”

by system failure

It is remarkable how the independent information flowing through internet changed the balance between non-controlled and completely controlled information reaching the average viewer by the mainstream media. Thousands of independent blogs and websites host information, analyses and opinions which normally would have been blocked in case that internet had not been invented yet.

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It's true of course that there is a lot of misinformation and propaganda circulated through the internet too, as the mainstream media also participate in the "web war" of information, or, due to other independent sources who have their own secret agenda, but at least, one has the option to find a different point of view and information, other than that promoted by the "official channels" of the dominant - currently Western - systemic establishment.

This is probably the reason that governments already trying to find ways to control internet and therefore information flow from every source to every receiver.

However, it seems that, in many cases, governments or other systemic decision centers, exploit internet, guiding public opinion and independent judgement towards the "official interpretation" of the facts, and this is done not only through misinformation flow in the web, but also through other methods like, for example, trolling.

But how useful the uncontrolled part of the internet would be, in case that the system would want to prepare public for unprecedented events?

Such an example would be, the information that unemployment is here to stay due to hyper-automation. As this information goes viral, and many of us discuss this issue in blogs and websites, people will eventually get used to the idea that the unemployment rate would be inevitably high from now on and that they probably would have to live mostly with state benefits just to survive and consume, according to the best scenario.

Besides, it is questionable how independent an information may be, as in many cases, independent websites circulate information "leaked" by the mainstream media, or, from sources that their traces lead to a mainstream "official channel".

In that case, such an "official channel" may inject information inside the web, the information goes viral, and finally, people will start to get used to the idea of even the most terrifying scenarios, like those of a nuclear conflict, or, radical population control. Then, the system may benefit from the sincere willing of independent bloggers to whisper the truth.

Although this may sound to you like another "conspiracy theory", there is plenty of evidence that the supposedly anarchic and chaotic world of internet, not only is being occupied by controlled information, but to a significant extent, still permits the systemic establishment to prevail over the masses through the enforcement of a dominant culture.

Look for example the millions (or, even billions) of views, mostly by young people, of music videos of mainstream pop-stars (which are actually industrial-type manufactured idols). In most cases the music could be easily characterized as "garbage", but it's of less importance because the picture is the one that dominates in music video clips, and frequently dictates a specific lifestyle. This is a quite blatant case, in which we could say with little doubt that the fully controlled television has been simply replaced by another ostensibly uncontrolled medium.

Of course, there is no alternative. We should not ever return to the "stone age" of the mainstream media monopoly. There is truly independent, unfiltered information, simply because in many cases, there in no such thing as a mainstream media hierarchy in the various internet sources. Therefore, we should always search and spread this information.

But we should also bear in mind that anything that goes viral may be used to "train" us to accept the unthinkable. Just look at the gruesome pictures from Gaza, Ukraine, Middle East and elsewhere that flood daily the internet and the mainstream media. They tend to become so common that may eventually transform us into apathetic zombies. And this is probably one of the key goals of this brutal system.

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