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01 March, 2016

Roughly 5,000 refugees hosted in Piraeus port building

Some 5,000 third country nationals -- refugees and migrants -- have taken temporary shelter inside four covered gateways at the port of Piraeus on Monday, after arriving from islands of the eastern Aegean last night.

Officials at the Piraeus Port Authority told ANA-MPA tht one gate has been closed by authorities for decontamination, so that it can be used to house people who will arrive on Tuesday. They also said the exact numbers of people housed in the premises change often, as some families choose to leave shortly after arriving to find the Athens train station and head north.

The crucial part is to be able to keep those people here for a few hours, one or two days, because the port of Piraeus cannot be transformed into a temporary accommodation camp. It’s a transit area and it can only operate as such,” Shipping Minister Thodoris Drotsas said earlier in the day.


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