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27 May, 2016

France in flames!

The fierce resistance of the French people against the neoliberal onslaught culminates. From RT :

A major French union has warned Paris that the upcoming Euro 2016 soccer tournament opening could be disrupted unless it backs down on contested labor law reforms. It comes as tens of thousands of people hit the streets again to protest the legislation. The warning on Thursday by the hardline CGT union took aim at the 2016 UEFA European Championship (known as Euro 2016), scheduled to begin in France on June 10. The match will be played at various stadiums throughout the country, including Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, and Paris. But if the CGT has its way, those games will only be taking place if Paris agrees to back down on a highly contested labor law reform.


tens of thousands of people hit the streets in protest on Thursday, leading to clashes between police and demonstrators, Reuters reported. [...] Protesters also aimed to choke off power and fuel supplies and paralyze the public transport network on Thursday, with employees halting their work at oil refineries, nuclear power plants, and railways. Demonstrators also erected road blocks and burned wooden pallets and tires at major ports and near key distribution hubs.


despite employee walk-outs, street demonstrations, and threats from unions, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has rejected calls to scrap the part of the labor reform law which has most angered the CGT. That section would allow companies to opt out of national obligations on labor protection if they adopt in-house deals on pay and conditions with the consent of the majority of employees.


The Thursday protests are the latest in a string of demonstrations in recent weeks, in which 350 police officers and several protesters have been injured and more than 1,300 people arrested.

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It seems that France will not be a "piece of cake" for the global oligarchy and its neo-Feudal plans:


- The experiment in Greece continues as planned. Once we bring salaries at the level we want, and destroy the welfare state, we will continue to the rest of the eurozone.

- Well, alright with the PIIGS, but how about France, Germany and the entire north? People will never accept such policies there.

- They will. We will start with Italy and Spain. We will order rating agencies to attack, exclude them from markets and throw them to the ECB trap. They will be forced to take similar measures, as Greece did, in order to receive liquidity. Then, we will attack France and Germany.

- There will be huge riots!

- We will try to limit them. We've already forced governments in Greece and Spain to criminalize protests.


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