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17 September, 2016

A call to independent media for a 'counter-debate' with the US third parties

As expected, US third party candidates have been excluded from the debate process that has been adjusted to the bipartisan establishment for years.

As sputniknews reports:

US Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson and Green Party hopeful Jill Stein are not elegible for participating in the first presidential debate, as they don't have sufficient support from the US electorate, the Commission on Presidential Debates said in a statement on Friday.


"Hillary Clinton and her running mate, Tim Kaine, and Donald Trump and his running mate, Mike Pence, qualify to participate in the September 26 presidential debate and the October 4 vice-presidential debate, respectively," the commission noted. "No other candidates satisfied the criteria for inclusion in the September 26 and October 4 debates."


Johnson and Stein can still qualify for the two other debates which will take place in October if they improve their standings in the polls.

However, the internet independent media have done a pretty good job so far, through plenty of successful interviews with third party candidates and others. With people, for whom extremely limited time has been given on mainstream media, or even, completely excluded from the media system.

Even during the race for the nomination of the democratic party, Bernie Sanders has been excluded initially from the corporate media. However, he earned further recognition thanks to his promotion by the independent and social media. Many people learned about him and what he represents through interviews on independent websites and networks.

So, maybe it's time for the independent media to go one step further. Our suggestion is to organize a "counter-debate" (why not the same days with the debate of the bipartisan establishment), to challenge another bipartisan monopoly, but most importantly, give to millions of Americans a chance to learn about the third party candidates and watch them under real debate conditions.

A project of this nature could be organized by plenty of independent media that could livestream the debate simultaneously. With the right advertisement and some good cooperation, such an attempt could crush the traditional debate process, proving that millions of Americans have turned to the independent media and the US third parties. It would be a major, shocking defeat for the establishment.

After all, who needs the rigged debates of the establishment?

We call again the independent media to dare to organize such an event, giving to the US politics an unprecedented new perspective.

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  1. Anonymous30/9/16 12:52

    Excellent idea. Spread the word, everybody.