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23 November, 2016

Queen Merkel as the savior of the neoliberal establishment!

comment by failed evolution

Now that the US empire has been occupied by Donald the 'freak' and the UK by Nigel and Brexit, the 'wise' neoliberal 'leaders' thought that they had to find a way to preserve their 'wonderful' Democracy. You know, it's the Democracy which creates financial crises, increases inequality, bailouts parasitic banksters and starts wars for profit.

So, Obama had to find someone to leave behind, to save this 'wonderful' world from the Far-Right, nationalist nightmare. And appears that the only option for the moment is ... Angela Merkel! Yes, that's all we have to preserve our Western 'free world'.

That evening not one word was spoken about German Chancellor Angela Merkel, even though many English-language media had talked about Obama “passing the baton“ to her as the next defender of the free world. That may not mean much now, but is understood to include the defense of human rights, protecting the environment, reduced trade barriers, the rule of law — what were thought to be settled principles until Trump crowned the ambitions of many extremists in the United States and Europe as well. Then, on Sunday night, to no one’s great surprise, Merkel announced that she will run for a fourth term as chancellor in the 2017 elections.


On Thursday, Obama said that he was optimistic that Trump would rise to the demands of the presidency but acknowledged that Merkel would have “great burdens to carry“ internationally. But making dramatic promises that one can’t keep is not Merkel’s style. The expectations being put on her as “the last pillar” of western liberalism, she said on Sunday evening, were “grotesque, even almost absurd.”

Think about it: Merkel is called to play the role of the global savior of a system that has been occupied by the banksters and the corporate lobbyists, against the nightmare of the extreme nationalists!

Take a picture of it and start to sense the degree of degeneration of the West.

1 comment:

  1. Frau Merkel has done a good job for a real long time now,
    and it is time for Germany to enter a new and different time.
    I believe that Herr Steinmeyer or Schultz would make excellent
    chancellors. This is for the good of a country I no longer live
    in, but still love and remain with in close contact.