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08 January, 2017

Another nuclear war was avoided the last moment when the US targeted China in 1960s!

'We could have exterminated the whole planet'

During the Cold War, the US secretly installed nuclear weapons at a launch pad in Okinawa. Most of them were aimed at China. One of the American servicemen whose job was to fire the Mase missiles, has since revealed that China was a nuclear target during the Cuban missile crisis in 1962.

John Bordne reveals:

      We were told we had to launch all the missiles, but we only had one missile headed towards Russia and we did not see why we should have to involve the other countries. The captain suggested that everybody crack the doors open, so it would take less time to launch the missile if the doors were cracked open.

One of the launch crews was on the point of firing their missiles when a duty officer suspected the order was false.

Bordne describes how close the US had come to launch nukes against China:

        The launch officer on the B-side was told to send two men over there with 45s and to shoot anybody that tried to launch until the situation was resolved. It would only take 15, 20 seconds to run the distance between the two command centers. So, those two men kept that whole crew at bay while we made a decision as what to do. And it wasn't very long, maybe two or three seconds later, where a very nervous major came over the intercom issuing the stand down order. And then we just kind looked at each other, like we could have exterminated the whole planet.

The major who had given the launch order was quietly court-martialed and dismissed from the air force.

Taken from John Pilger's new documentary The Coming War on China


The revelation brings on surface another barely known moment where the world had come close to a nuclear disaster that could start, again, due to the US carelessness and aggressiveness.

It also shows that China was a primary US target since the Cold War 1.0.

After 9/11 attacks, the Chinese government kept the exchange rate of the country at a low level. Therefore, the Chinese products became cheap and flooded America. And to pay for them, the US dollars flooded China. But rather than spend this money for the population, the Chinese leaders loaned them immediately back to America by buying government bonds. It was a perfect system of cheap goods and cheap money inflow in the US, all controlled by the Chinese political power. And that's what created stability. From this, came an orgy of lending from banks to even most unreliable borrowers in the US. Although this time, the deregulated market had been stabilized thanks to the political intervention of China, the bankers wanted to make more money.

So, when the 'party was over' with the big crisis of 2007-08 because of the Western financial mafia, the US discovered again the evil China. China has become again the scapegoat to blame for all the bad things happening with US economy and loss of jobs.

Donald Trump is targeting China continuously. Either is doing it on purpose, following the neocon agenda to provoke China, or, he has absolutely no idea of the rapid transformation of the global economy due to hyper-automation. If the later is true, someone has to tell Donald that even US companies are coming back to the US from China, but they do not offer new jobs because they have fully automatised production. Which means that, someone has to tell him that China and Chinese workers are not the real enemies. The enemies of the US workers are the robots and their masters!

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