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10 January, 2017

The enormous EU hypocrisy on the refugees and Greece

The hypocrisy of the European Union can be identified more and more easily on various serious issues like the ongoing economic crisis and the refugee problem. After failing to deal with the huge problem of refugee flows, EU officials know who to blame for almost everything: the easiest victim, scapegoat and eurozone's debt colony called Greece.

From euobserver :

Conditions for asylum seekers on Greek islands are "untenable", says the European Commission, amid a heavy snow fall that has left many exposed to the freezing weather. Refugees woke up to snow covered encampments, such as Moria on Lesbos island, without heating over the weekend despite recent assurances from the Greek government that nobody would be left out in the cold.

Asked to comment by reporters in Brussels on Monday (9 January), the commission said it was ready to help fund accommodation centres but that the Greek government was responsible for the camps.

"We can no more dictate policy in Greece than we can in any other member state," said commission spokeswoman Natasha Bertaud. "I have to be quite clear here, the commission is aware that the situation is untenable but we also have to be clear as I was saying that ensuring adequate reception conditions in Greece is a responsibility of Greek authorities,” she added.

A first, simple question one can ask is: just when the EU officials intend to fund accommodation centres in Greece? What are they waiting for? The end of the heavy winter perhaps?

The EU hypocrites who supposedly care about the living conditions of the refugees in Greece in the middle of a heavy winter, have failed to find a viable solution for the refugee problem. They have failed to deliver responsibilities to other EU members in order to relief the heavily hit by the economic crisis Greece, or other countries under big refugee flows, like Italy.

All they did was to dump the desperate people in Greece, get rid of the problem and their responsibilities, while at the same time, sitting and watching other members closing their borders without any mood for cooperation in this 'remarkable' union.

And do you think that hypocrisy ends here? Just read the statements. EU commission says that Greece is actually solely responsible for the refugees: "We can no more dictate policy in Greece ...", yet, concerning the Greek debt crisis, EU commission is one of the Troika members, along with the ECB and the IMF, who dictated Greece to take the most catastrophic measures that completely ruined the economy.

The IMF-manufactured Greek experiment is entering its seventh year now and Troika wants to be implemented in every detail. Well, after its completion, maybe EU will allow its ruined debt colony to get some money and build some appropriate accommodation centres for the refugees.

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