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13 January, 2017

Trump's 'mad dog' fully aligned behind neocons against Russia

In just, more or less, 24 hours after Trump obeyed to the establishment's narrative that Russia is indeed behind DNC hacking (despite his show against the mainstream media parrots), his 'mad dog', James Mattis, undoubtedly confirmed that the new Trump administration will remain absolutely dedicated to the ruthless neocon agenda, to provoke Russia and China. In every question, Mattis gave his credentials to the US deep state and the neocons.
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From RT:

Retired Marine General James Mattis, picked by President-elect Donald Trump to take over the Department of Defense, testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee, defending NATO, the F-35, and continued confrontation with Russia.


Chairman of the committee, Senator John McCain (R-Arizona), questioned Mattis on his opinion of how much threat Russia represents. The world order is under biggest attacks since WW2, from Russia, terrorist groups, and China’s actions in the South China Sea, Mattis told McCain, agreeing with the bellicose senator that Russia is trying to break up NATO. [...] Asked by Heinrich to list the principal threats to the US, Mattis said he “would start with Russia, and continue with aggressive states and terrorist groups.


Russian President Vladimir Putin has “chosen to be a strategic competitor and an adversary in key areas,” Mattis told Senator Bill Nelson (D-Florida). “I have very modest expectations about areas of cooperation with Mr. Putin.” Nelson pressed Mattis on the possibility Trump would want to abolish NATO. “Senator, if we did not have NATO today, we would have to create it. NATO is vital to our national interest and the security of the US,” Mattis said.

Almost every question by this committee was aiming to make Mattis declare his full commitment to the evil plans of the neocons and the deep state, to proceed in a dangerous confrontation with Russia and China. The plan must be executed, even without the most faithful puppet of the establishment, Hillary Clinton.

Moreover, NATO forces have already 'invaded' in Poland, alarming the Russian officials. Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov said thatWe see this as a threat. These actions pose a threat to our interests and security,” stressing “especially, when a third country is beefing up its military presence along our borders with Europe.

It is more than obvious that, even without Hillary, the US empire will proceed as has been planned. Instead of making progress towards peace, cooperation and stability, the - worst than ever - Barack Obama creates pre-fixed conditions, to make sure that Trump will follow the plan to the letter.

This is the most unpleasant time to say 'I told you': “Although it is certain that the neocons and the US deep state prefer Hillary as the next president, Trump is not someone who couldn't handle. No matter what he says, it wouldn't be too hard to be pushed by the neocons in another dead-end war.”

It seems that the Trump administration will continue the evil US agenda, exactly like Hillary would have done if she had been elected. Plus, he will wipe out the US middle class to secure the interests of his billionaire class.

Recall that the American voters did had options against Clinton and Trump. Both Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein were completely opposite to the confrontation with Russia or other countries. At the same time, they were strongly supported policies in favor of the 99% that would be bad for the interests of the plutocracy. The establishment did everything to get rid of them during the electoral process, exactly because it would be difficult to handle them in power.

Let's hope that until the next US presidential election, it won't be too late ...

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