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08 February, 2017

Belgian MP: mainstream media lying about Syria


Belgian politician Filip Dewinter, who was the head of the Belgian parliamentarian delegation which visited Syrian Aleppo on Monday, told Sputnik that the mainstream media is distorting the truth about Syria. After visiting a hospital, he learned that it is actually due to Western sanctions that the hospitals are short of medicine and equipment.

"The main stop during out visit was the al Jamia hospital where we met with the chief doctor," Filip Dewinter told Sputnik.

"He told us about the shortages of medicine and functioning equipment. Most of the equipment is not working simply because it's impossible to buy any spare parts due to the imposed anti-Syrian sanctions. They can't buy medicine and expendable materials because the European Union has blocked access to them," the parliamentarian explained.

Filip Dewinter also said that during their visit they had "political meetings" with President Assad and Minister of Foreign Affairs Walid Muallem.

"From our mainstream media we were told that Bashar Assad has had a heart attack and is suffering from heart diseases. Our meeting lasted for more than an hour and a half. He was feeling well and looked healthy and cheerful. Now I know for sure that it was fake news," the politician told Sputnik.

He said that he discussed a number of topics with the Syrian president, including the sanctions imposed by EU, the ever changing position of President Erdogan, the meeting in Astana and future negotiations in Geneva.

They also spoke about the military operation on the ground, especially after the victory in Aleppo and about foreign mercenaries fighting in the country.

There are about 650 Belgians who have been recruited by Daesh. Filip Dewinter said he discussed with Bashar Assad how to deal with this problem in cooperation with the Belgian government.

Parliamentarians from Belgium's Parti Populare and Vlaams Belang parties arrived in Syria for a working visit on Thursday. On Monday, the lawmakers visited the Jibreen refugee camp in Aleppo as well as Russia's Hmeimim airbase.

The politician added that the Syrian government was Europe's ally in establishing peace across the Middle East as well as ensuring security inside the European Union. He thanked Russia for its involvement into the conflict and provision of humanitarian aid to the local residents.


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